The Eco-design trend


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In an ever more ecologically oriented society, certain trends are emerging. In particular, the Eco-design trend, the latter is reflected in the fact of putting forward raw materials without significant transformations. In addition, the renewable aspect of the products and their origins are of paramount importance in this trend. Local products, designed with the environment in mind, stand out considerably in Eco-design. This same trend also puts forward the idea of ​​revamping furniture, accessories and objects that are dear to you. Indeed, with a little time and love, your old furniture could turn into a new designer accessory.

This environment-oriented trend is defined by good values, recovery, consideration of the environmental impact. In addition, this trend adds personality and undeniable warmth to your decor. Dare the craftsmanship as well as the vintage elements transformed to create your own Eco-design piece.

At Flordeco, we work with suppliers who apply an environmental philosophy in the design of their products. Here are a few :

The Borax vinyl planks from our Altitude collection are Floorscore certified. This certification guarantees compliance with rigorous requirements for good indoor air quality. They are also made without phthalates, which means that they will not affect your quality of life.

The hardwood in our Noblesse by Preverco collection is made in Canada with environmentally friendly resource extraction practices. They partner with companies that advocate selective cutting and forest regeneration. The wood residue generated by the company is recycled in various sectors.

The pre-oiled wood from our Sources collection is made in Quebec and the oils applied to the wood are of vegetable origin. They are therefore not dangerous and do not give off any chemical vapor after being applied.

Altitude, Modèle Borax 

 Altitude collection, Borax style

 Noblesse collection, Maple edge

 Noblesse collection, Maple edge

 Sources collection, tradition grade maple

Sources collection, tradition grade maple

Do you like this trend? Find all the products mentioned above on our website or visit one of our 45 stores to meet our Flordeco experts. They will be able to advise you on the coatings that interest you in order to recreate the Eco-design trend at home.

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