Expert Tips for Pet-proof Floors


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Pet resistant floor

If you have any of our furry friends at home, choosing the right floor covering will mean balancing design preferences and resistance to pet damage.

 Flooring issues that pet owners face is manifold. Deterioration can occur with claws or stains caused by little "accidents" that occasionally occur with just about any animal at one time or another. These combined problems can rule out some materials of your choice unless you are prepared to go through very frequent and highly thorough cleaning as well as necessary replacement of your entire floor when wrecked!

 The most pet-resistant floor will be one that is water, stain, and scratch resistant. Even better is a flooring that is anti-slip to facilitate movements and prevent injury to your pets.

 Whether you are purchasing or renovating a home, consider what type of surface will be best for your animal. Here are floor covering options to prioritize for our beloved little.


Vinyl Planks & Tiles

Genesis II Vinyl Planks - Altitude Collection


Vinyl planks or tiles are a great flooring material for homes with pets. These come in many different designs that mimic stone, natural wood or ceramic floor to perfection. Due to their composite, they are remarkably durable, long-lasting, and resistant to scratches and dents. This material is easy to maintain, easy to install and also affordable. Its boards do not swell, buckle or lose integrity when exposed to water bowl spills and wet-from-the-bath pups! By selecting this alternative, it is possible for you to have a floor that suits your active family as well as your energetic companions that equally meet your style requirements. Whichever vinyl you choose, you are sure to enjoy its benefits.


Ceramic Tiles

H24 Ceramic Tiles - Flordeco Collection


Traditional ceramics are another great option for pet owners. This material is so durable that it will survive the largest dog’s paws or the sharpest cat’s claws. Stains are extremely easy to clean and do not cause permanent damage. In addition, imperfections will be much less noticeable if you opt for ceramic tiles with a matte finish. You will get better traction and some products may even be offered with a textured finish. Which is awesome for helping little pups learn to walk instead of constantly tottering on smooth, slippery floors. Besides, ceramic tiles are available in many color and design choices to suit all styles, which will persist through the years.


Loose Lay Vinyl Sheet

Bombay Loose Lay Vinyl Sheet – Atmosphère Collection


Standard loose lay vinyl floor coverings are quite inexpensive, and replacement does not require a large investment. Waterproof on the surface, this product can be an excellent flooring option for utility spaces because it has anti-slip, antimicrobial, anti-static and anti-allergenic properties. This resilient material comes in a roll, so there are very few seams and no grout. Without compromising on aesthetics, you can still get highly realistic hardwood and natural stone imitations. Its protective finish also repels soil and spills, making cleaning incredibly easy. Loose lay vinyl sheets help reduce your doggie trampling noise by being a good sound insulator! Plus, its traction and cushioned feel will help your pet walk and run on it comfortably and safely. This floor will keep both you and your companions happy.


Expert advice

Canyon EFS Vinyl Planks and Tiles – Altitude Collection


It all comes down to what you prioritize the most, just remember you won’t be the only one using the floor! You should also take into consideration that not just any flooring material can be tough enough to stand the test of your companions. To properly meet your material needs, a higher quality should be selected in each of the substrates mentioned above. Although some materials are resistant, we must remember that this is still true if you and your fur ball use them in normal day-to-day use.

Ready to support your interior style and your furry friend's health with pet-friendly floors? Our experts have the knowledge to help you make the right choice of materials for your next renovation work.



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