How to Coordinate Terrazzo Pattern to Your Interiors


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Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo is now back in style and is stronger than ever! This speckled pattern’s new wave now presents itself in a different way. Featuring modern influences slightly altering the look along an incredible wide variety of color and sizes, terrazzo’s appearance is now chunkier and bolder.

 As one of the biggest trends in home decor, terrazzo-style has become a favourite tile of choice with its colorful texture and retro aesthetic. See our favorite ways to incorporate terrazzo’s design power into modern homes below.


The Accent Wall 

Anima Ceramic Tile – Flordeco Collection


If you prefer a more subdued accent, this beige colored bathroom with concrete flooring is underscored with a pop of terrazzo that breaks the space up and adds a “color block” effect increasing shape, style and of course… texture! This will help to keep your design from giving the impression that its flat or one dimensional.


Paired with Patterns

Frammenti Ceramic Tiles – Flordeco Collection


For a playful kitchen with a vintage-inspired design, you can pick out a chunkier terrazzo with muted shades paired with colored patterns for a bold arrangement to create this perfect artistic mosaic design. Different laying patterns can set unique accents and make a decisive influence on the overall feeling of the area. Let your floor speaks for itself!


As a focal point    

D-lash Ceramic Tiles – Flordeco Collection


Use Terrazzo as a defining design element to make it a statement of your personality and style. Whereby the flooring catches the eye and adds another dimension to the room. Match it with simple and monochrome furniture to create a visually stunning hospitality environment. We love these terrazzo-inspired ceramic tiles for any space.


From Walls to Flooring

Céramique Venezia – Collection Flordeco


For those with a spunky sense of style and a daring attitude when it comes to going all-in with a trend, you can cover every surface in your bathroom with a retro terrazzo, matching the walls to the floor. You can even go overboard and combine multiple terrazzo motif colors to produce a sense of uniformity and luxury.



Unicom Pietra Di Gre Ceramic Tiles – Flordeco Collection


The perfect combo of interior-meets-exterior. A great way to reinforce the connection between the inside and outside is with smooth and continuous flooring by establishing visual harmony. This can actually act as extra living space and increase the value of the home! So why not create a usable space outdoors?


Space Definition

Anima Ceramic Tiles – Flordeco Collection


Another clever way to use terrazzo imitation tiles, is to apply them the same way you would used an area rug. Notice how the living room zone here is delimited by terrazzo ceramics that reaches to just a few feet from the walls, so the flooring becomes a border around them. The goal:  to define space!


Bonus Tip

Frammenti Ceramic Tiles – Flordeco Collection


Try and match a color from within the terrazzo tile with an element from your decor. Whether it’s accessories, furniture or even another wall, coordinating hues will uniformalise your design to help complete the decorating scheme.

Need inspiration? No problem! We’ve got tons of new design ideas. Search our online ceramic selection to find THE perfect terrazzo tile or contact our in-store experts. We're here to help you every step of the way!


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