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How to integrate minerals into your coatings ?


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Marmi - Flordeco collection

In recent years, major trends in decoration have promoted the use of raw materials on the floor, walls or even through furniture for the authentic look they give a room.Mineral materials such as ceramics, stone, brick and many others are currently gaining popularity among Quebec households, particularly for their ease of maintenance and the infinite variety of styles offered. Mineral coatings will integrate everywhere in your home. Are you planning to renovate soon? Here are some reasons to adopt minerals in your projects.


1. For an elegant look....

Mineral materials have always had a reputation for refining the rooms in which they are found thanks to their smooth and shiny appearance, creating very distinguished decorations. To respect this trend, ceramics is therefore to be preferred! However, knowing that not all ceramics are mineral, it is preferable to choose ceramics that recall the appearance of slate, marble or even stone for a refined look. These styles are always available in several sober shades such as white, grey and black. The natural effect of the ceramic chosen will bring simplicity and finesse to your decor.

In the same vein, it is preferable to select large format tiles since they allow to expose all the splendour of the textures highlighted in mineral-looking ceramics. They also have a functional benefit; they create an illusion of greatness when applied to the floor or height when installed on walls. For example, a smaller bathroom or kitchen could look more airy by choosing larger tiles!

If this style inspires you, you might be interested in ceramic Eterna from the Flordeco collection and even Marmi ceramic imitating  marble from the Flordeco collection. Available in a larger format and in light and darker shades, these tiles will bring modernity while keeping elegance at the heart of your rooms.

  Eterna - Flordeco collection   


 Marmi - Flordeco collection


 2. Or a warm atmosphere

In addition to the more refined style, mineral materials can also add an authentic touch to your rooms. To achieve this, it is simply a matter of choosing a wall covering made of bricks or even stones. However, it’s important to avoid ceramics, which is less applicable to warmer decorations. All rooms can accommodate a brick wall, so if you've been dreaming about it for a long time, don't wait any longer!


There are many choices available to you regarding the colour of the wall covering, but we advise you to always choose a more natural colour in order to preserve the raw aspect of the material and give a rustic look to the room. Also, whatever your choice, it is suggested not to apply the mineral material to all walls. The objective is to create a contrast with the other materials and colours of the room. So why not choose Bourbon wall covering from the Inspiration Design Collection, like stone, or a classic with the Old Montreal Brick from the same collection. In a living room, a bedroom or even a kitchen, these coverings will bring a little life into the room!

  Bourbon - Inspiration Design collection  


  Old Montreal brick - Inspiration Design collection


3. Appropriate the material for a unique decor

Another advantage of mineral materials is that they adapt well thanks to their great versatility! Indeed, you could easily integrate them into all the settings that inspire you. From one style to another, the way of using the material also changes; sometimes small format tiles are to be preferred, other times colour must prevail, there are no wrong answers, you just have to adapt. There is no harm in choosing Marrakesh tiles from the Maestro collection reminiscent of Moroccan mosaics for a more exotic style or Belgian Blu tiles from the Flordeco collection for a more industrial look if that is what you are looking for!

  Marrakesh - Flordeco collection   


Belgian Blu - Flordeco collection


In addition, you also have a role to play in the proper integration of the material! You must appropriate it in order to create a unique decor for your home rather than a simple "copy and paste " of your inspirations. Feel free to combine the mineral with wood or any other material used as a light-coloured coating for an even more natural look. You can combine two different mineral ceramics in the same room, for example, in the bathroom, for a most original result! Adding a little colour and decorative accessories here and there is also a way to make your decor your own. Bring your personal touch and you will be even more satisfied!


These looks inspire you? Find all the products mentioned above on our website or visit one of our 46 stores to meet our Flordeco experts. They will be able to advise you on the best mineral-based coatings to apply to your walls or floor, no matter what style you like!


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