Style your Fireplace Mantel: Warm Inspirations


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An essential symbol of conviviality and beauty, a fireplace allows you to personalize the appearance of your home according to your own style. Traditional, rustic, or modern, fireplace mantels are as unique as homes themselves. Today, these act as extensions of the overall architecture of a room and a way of implementing both convenience and design. There are many stylish options available that will turn a dreary fireplace into a feature you will love. Here are some warm inspirations that will help you create a hearthside worthy of cozying up to all year-round.


Decorative Stones  

Lamstone Glam Wall Covering - Inspiration Design Collection


Often used in contemporary fireplaces, decorative stone is one of the most popular materials used for fireplace surrounds. Here, large bands of stones are put together to create a soft and inviting atmosphere. For natural elegance and incredible durability, this type of wall cladding offers a variety of styling options. Laminated stones like these are available in a wide range of realistic colors and natural textures to your liking.




Florence-OL Ceramic Tiles - Flordeco Collection


When decorating a fireplace mantel, a rule of thumb is to create a focal point. Without an eye-catching accent, a space tends to be odd and somewhat disjointed. A focal point anchors the decor and helps create a natural and beautiful flow in a room. Patterns complement the designs without overshadowing the rest of the area. When it comes to choosing the best tile to refresh an old fireplace, the patterning to adopt is an important component to consider depending on what you desire to accomplish. Choosing timeless colors and patterns is a wise choice due to the complexity of this kind of project. Aim for a long-lasting design to save yourself a lot of hassle!



From Floor to Fireplace Overlay Ceramic Tiles - Flordeco Collection


Fireplaces can make a room cozy, especially during cold seasons. A fireplace mantel’s color and the way it is installed have a significant impact on the comfort and appearance of a room. So even without a roaring fire, your mantel will catch the eye from anywhere in the space. Matching a fireplace mantel to the flooring ties the whole room together in a very elegant way. This creates visual harmony for a simple subtle design. Therefore, the fireplace speaks for itself!




Unicom Pietra Di Gre Ceramic Tiles - Flordeco Collection


Many home trends we thought to be obsolete are reappearing as they are modernized. Among these, we can find the famous terrazzo look. With its versatile originality, it can be installed anywhere! Like on a fireplace mantel, for example. This porcelain type imitating this particular style is a great alternative to concrete, as it provides more personality while being a durable, economical, and fashionable surface. Who would've believed that!




Burlingstone Ceramic Tiles - Flordeco Collection


Tone-on-tone is a decoration technique that takes one or more colors and uses different saturation levels of that color by distributing it throughout the space. The repetition of different shades of the same pigment gives a great visual impact within a room. The first step in using tone-on-tone in general is to consider lighter and darker shades of the same color family as shown here. Tone-on-tone is already a well-defined trend this year. Why not use this method for your fireplace?



Special Considerations

Although decorative stones and conventional ceramic tiles are recognized for their ability to withstand high temperatures, there are a few important things to consider. Installing a particular material on your fireplace mantel may require an experienced hand. There are special building codes and installation techniques to follow. This is why our in-store Flordeco specialists are there to help you see things more clearly. Our delivery and installation services allow you to take advantage of a turnkey project that will reflect all your needs and simplify your renovation work!


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