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The Slow Deco trends


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London Brick | Maestro collection

In a daily life where overtime, family obligations and outings follow one another at a frantic pace, it is essential to find the time to slow down! The slow deco trend, which is inspired by the slow food movement of the 1980s, contrasts with this stressful lifestyle by promoting the slow pace and natural beauty of furniture and rooms in order to regain an authentic and less charged style. Without being minimalist, slow deco creates a warm, aesthetic and functional haven of peace that will charm you and of course relax you. Are you interested in this trend? Follow these three tips to help you integrate it into every room of your home.


  1. Go back to simplicity

In response to the over-consumption society, slow deco first seeks to create more open and less crowded spaces; only functional and essential furniture has its place. As it is a kind of a return to basics, the choice of colours and coatings is also important as it sets the tone in a less crowded room. In order to obtain a soothing look, it is preferable to use softer colours such as bamboo beige, sage green and even white.

The selected floor covering must also be in harmony with the delicacy of slow deco. Colours that are too bright or too dark should be set aside in favour of natural colours that will bring calm. For example, you may be interested in the Herringbone Red Oak hardwood flooring from the Noblesse collection or the Brompton laminate floor from the Urbania collection. Both models, available in light colours, will perfectly match the style without compromising the simplicity of the room.



Herringbone Red Oak | Noblesse collection  

Brompton | Urbania Collection


  1. Choose natural materials

In addition to its simple and refined look, the slow deco trend also attaches importance to the authenticity of the raw and imperfect materials that give the house its character. Wood, porcelain, copper and linen all have a special place in these decorations. Nothing escapes it; furniture and accessories follow the trend with chairs made of straw, wicker baskets and cotton curtains that embellish every room.

Since this style favours the use of natural materials, why not opt for coatings that go in this direction. The London Brick from the Maestro collection in wall cladding or the Maple Tradition hardwood floor from the Chrysalis Distinction collection are wise choices that will highlight each of the house's unique and distinguished details.



London Brick | Maestro collection


Maple Tradition | Chrysalis Distinction collection


  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle

Apart from the few aesthetic rules that make up the slow deco, it is mainly based on the respect of the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Indeed, the trend goes beyond decoration and seeks to make guests aware of the importance of reducing space congestion to reduce unnecessary consumption. We only buy what is necessary for the decor and we already have it on hand, it's even better!

Reusing and recycling are certainly the keys to a totally successful slow decor. Do you have any old wooden furniture that has been bothering you for a long time? Why not transform them to include them in your living room or dining room? Wooden benches bring charm to a room without compromising its simplicity, which is perfectly in line with the balance sought by the slow deco trend.

Let your creativity run wild and your pieces will be even more beautiful and authentic!

Do you like this trend? Find all the products mentioned above on our website or visit one of our 46 stores to meet our Flordeco experts. They will be able to advise you on the coatings that interest you in order to create a slow deco space that will allow you to slow down your life rhythm sometimes too fast.


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