Wall Tiles

Whether they are large, small, neutral, colorful, textured, you can find a tremendous amount of tiles at Flordeco.

To enhance your kitchen, bathroom or any wall in particular, wall tiles are the solution.

In addition to giving your decor a unique style, these tiles are durable, scratch resistant and easy to maintain.

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California Salle de bain Blanc / California Bathroom White
Flordeco Collection
California 3" x 12"
12.99$ /ft²
Clair de lune / Moonlight
Blanc / White
Metro Cuisine Blanc / Metro Kitchen White
Flordeco Collection
2.99$ /ft²
Vibe Salon Groseille / Vibe Living room Gooseberry
Flordeco Collection
Vibe 2,5" x 8"
10.99$ /ft²
Vibe - Noir / Black
Vibe - Gesso
Vibe - Groseille / Gooseberry
Wave Reality Salle de bain Neige / Wave Reality Bathroom Snow
Flordeco Collection
Wave reality 3" x 12"
10.99$ /ft²
Wave Reality - Nuit / Night
Wave Reality - Rivière / River
Wave Reality - Fumée / Smoke
Hexagon - Entrée Blanc et Noir / Entrance Black and White
Flordeco Collection
Hexagon 4" x 5"
12.49$ /ft²
Hexagon - Blanc mat / White Matte
Hexagon - Blanc Lustré / Glossy White
Hexagon - Noir Mat / Black Matte
Quebec Salle de bain Gris Foncé Hexagone / Quebec Bathroom Dark Grey Hexagon
6.71$ /ft²
Pierre Égyptienne / Egyptian Stone
Noir Moucheté / Speckled Black
Taupe Moucheté / Speckled Taupe
London Brick Salon Blanc / London Brick Living room White
Flordeco Collection
London brick 2.3" x 10"
11.73$ /ft²
Brun / Brown
Coucher de soleil / Sunset
Noir / Black
Estudio Ceramica Stucci Salle de bain Tiffany / Estudio Ceramica Stucci Bathroom Tiffany
Flordeco Collection
Estudio ceramica stucci 3" x 9"
8.89$ /ft²
Estudio Ceramica Stucci - Tout Blanc / All White
Estudio Ceramica Stucco - Bleu Marine / Blue Navy
Estudio Ceramica Stucci - Charbon / Charcoal
Brick Salle de bain Blanc Mat / Brick Bathroom Matte White
Flordeco Collection
Brick 8" x 12"
3.49$ /ft²
Brick - Blanc Mat / Matte White
Brick - Blanc Lustré / Glossy White
Vela Salle de bain Wave Avorio / Vela Bathroom Wave Avorio
Flordeco Collection
Vela 8" x 24"
Upon request
Vela - Bianco
Vela - Avorio
Vela - Argento
Teramoda Cuisine Émeraude / Teramoda Kitchen Emerald
Flordeco Collection
9.75$ /ft²
Teramoda - Poudre / Powder
Teramoda - Poudre Hex / Powder Hex
Teramoda - Argent / Silver
Slim Salle de bain Blanc Nord / Slim Bathroom North White
Flordeco Collection
Slim 2" x 20"
10.99$ /ft²
Slim - Concept Onyx
Sim - Concept Rose
Slim - Newport Nuage / Newport Cloud
Costa Nova Vestibule Noir Lustré / Costa Nova Hall Black Glossy
Flordeco Collection
Costa nova 2" x 8"
Upon request
Costa Nova - Noir / Black
Costa Nova - Noir Praia Lustré / Black Praia Glossy
Costa Nova - Noir Onda Lustré  / Black Onda Glossy

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