Frequently Asked Questions

This section highlights the questions frequently asked in store about our materials and services. You will learn more about some of our flooring and decorating products as well as the services offered at Flordeco.


Do you have floor coverings made in Quebec?

Yes, we are proud to offer you our hardwood products made in Quebec. All of our personalized collections of hardwood, engineering and pre-oil come from the province of Quebec. In addition, we also have few carpets manufactured in Quebec.

I live in a condo, what are the soundproofing products that meet the basic standards?

You must first refer to the precise standards of your condo for details on materials and the tolerated limit. Then you can meet with a branch expert to define the ideal product that meets these predefined standards for your building.

Can all the product be installed in my basement?

The basement is a floor that is exposed to a moisture level as well as water infiltration possibilities, some tests will have to be performed to define the right product that fits the temperature of your basement. Refer to our in-store professionals for more details on this subject and make you propose the ideal product for your basement.

What kinds of products should I install in a bathroom?

For bathrooms we recommend ceramics and vinyl boards, they are water resistant products and easy to maintain. In addition, it’s a type of material that withstands moisture well. A visit in store will allow you to discover all the range of possibilities adapted to your reality.

What kind of products should be installed in a kitchen?

All products can be installed in a kitchen, few products are less waterproof. It’s therefore important to be aware of the different characteristics of the products and advise you at a Flordeco store.

Can I install one of your products in a 3 seasons house?

Yes, however it’s important to refer to Flordeco experts to define your needs. According to the information received, our experts will be able to suggest the product adapted to your needs.

What material can I install on a radiant floor?

Ceramic products, engineered wood, vinyl planks, loose lay vinyl sheet and cork can be installed on a radiant floor. Furthermore, all products and radiant floor systems have their own specificities, it’s still necessary to confirm the compatibility between the two elements before installation, in addition to meeting the standards of use prescribed. This double check also allows you to make sure to respect the guarantees of these products. Refer to a store advisor to make sure you’re standard and respect all the particularities of the 2 materials chosen.

Should I add a membrane under a floor that already has an integrated membrane?

No, as the product already has a membrane, you don’t need to add an additional membrane. Therefore, if you add an extra membrane, the warranty may be compromised.

I have pets at home, what types of flooring do you recommend me?

A multitude of products are available and resistant to animals. Some products have specific guarantees for animals, refer to Flordeco experts to discover the different options available to you.

Do you have any guarantees on your products?

Yes, we have guarantees on our different products. The terms and time length of our warranties may differ by product type and supplier. Refer to Flordeco’s professionals to discover the various warranties for each product.

What product should I use to clean my floors?

Our BioFlor collection offers a variety of care products specifically designed for different types of floor covering. Visit a Flordeco store near you to purchase one of them.


This section highlights frequently asked questions in store about our materials. You will therefore learn more about certain flooring and decoration products offered at Flordeco.


What is the difference between hardwood and engineered wood?

Most of the hardwood is installed in the house cause the structure is made up of solid wood. Since the acquisition of a house is a long-term purchase, it offers you the opportunity to sand and dye the floor to change its color after several years. It’s also important to note that hardwood is more subject to movement based on temperature and humidity. Therefore, engineered wood is suggested for places where the humidity is variable. This material is often used in condos, apartments or other places that contain more moisture variations. For its part, engineered wood is made of several layers of wood. Its top layer is made of 100% natural wood and the middle layers are plywood of several wood species intersecting in different directions to reduce the expansion of the material.

Where can I install hardwood flooring and engineered wood?

Solid hardwood can be installed upstairs and downstairs. While engineered floors can be installed on all levels of the house. The decision of a material for your home is not so simple. Visit a Flordeco store to chat with our experts and find the right floor for your environment.

Which wood essence to choose?

An important aspect to consider when choosing hardwood flooring is the hardness of the material. The hardness test of Janka allows to categorize the different species. In the domestic wood category, the hickory is the most rigid of all, followed by maple, white oak and red oak. Hardness is essential to consider depending on the environment in which the material will be installed. A second aspect to consider is the desired look, the different species have properties and a look of their own. These properties are reflected in the hue, grain appearance and material design. Visit our store professionals for personalized advice to your reality.

Can I install hardwood in my basement?

The installation of this material is not suggested for a basement, as the hardwood is subject to movement and therefore not recommended for rooms where the humidity is variable.

Laminate floor

What is the AC standard?

Used to represent the durability of a laminate floor, this standard allows you to choose wisely the best product for your needs. The quality of the flooring is determined by grades, based on intensive tests on wear, stains, impact type and minimal burn effects. From a level of AC1 to AC5, the ratings AC3, AC4 and AC5 are preferred. AC3 is ideal for residential use, while higher ratings are more suitable for commercial premises

Vinyl planks and tiles

Can vinyl board be clicked or pasted?

Yes, the click installation is only an installation that requires to assemble two pieces together. There are different types of clicks that have different installation methods. The glued installation requires the addition of a glue when installing the products.


Is it necessary to add a membrane under my ceramic in the shower?

We suggest that you add a membrane when installing your ceramic in your shower to optimize the impermeability of this one. Flordeco offers a variety of membranes specifically designed for installation in the shower. Visit us at the branch near you for more details on these products.

Wall coverings

Can we install floor coverings on the walls?

Some ceramic products designed for floors and walls are specifically designed to be installed on the walls. You can also put some other types of floor covering on the walls. Furthermore, in this specific case, the manufacturer’s guarantee is no longer valid. Refer to our experts in store for a suggestion of installation and product on the walls.

Do you have wall coverings at Flordeco?

Yes, our Inspiration Design collection is a range of wall coverings designed for laying on the walls. We have a variety of products, natural stones, decorative stone, lamstone, concrete products, wood siding as well as briquettes. Visit our wall covering sections to discover all available products.


Are carpets guaranteed on stairs?

Some products are guaranteed, but in general in carpet products, the guarantee does not apply to steps. Because it is a place with a lot of movement and subject to extreme use.

Is it advisable to install carpet in the house if I have pets?

Nylon fiber products with an animal-specific warranty are ideal for your situation. The “cut” style weave is also recommended in comparison to the “bouclé” style which could be damaged by the claws of animals. Please consult our experts to discover which Flordeco carpet products would be ideal for your reality.

How many years can we keep a rug?

Rugs with polyester or polypropylene structures are considered medium-term. While carpets with a nylon fiber structure are long-lasting, as they do not fracture and keep their original appearance for a long time.

I would like to put carpet in a space where there is a lot of traffic, what type of structure do you recommend?

Nylon fiber rug structures are best in a room with a lot of movement. This assembly is known for its durability and retains its original appearance for many years. Refer to an advisor in store to find the ideal model for your hectic room.

What is the difference between a rug and a rug?

A rug is either a tile or roll rug that is intended to act as a floor covering for the entire room. For its part, a rug is rather a small carpet that covers only a section of a room to add an additional decorative element, they are often found in living rooms.

Area rugs

What types of rugs do you have at Flordeco?

We have more than 30 models and 100 colors to create your custom rug. We offer the possibility of making a custom rug so that it adapts perfectly to your decor. Visit the “Rugs” section of our website to discover all the products available.


What textile products are available at Flordeco?

Our Nuancia and Fantasia collections offer you a variety of tailor-made textiles to design a unique decor, whether for a bedspread, cushions, curtains or other textiles, we have everything to create the decor of your dreams.


This section highlights frequently asked questions in store about our services. You will therefore learn more about the services offered at Flordeco.


Do you offer delivery services?

Most of our stores offer the delivery service to ensure a good service during your project. Contact the store in your area to find out all the details of this service.

Do you offer installation service?

Most of our stores offer installation service, either internally or with an external partner to provide you with an all-inclusive service during your project renovation. Contact the nearest store to get all the details about this service.

Do you offer the service of a designer?

Most stores have on-site designers ready to offer you their design-consulting service for your concept. In some cases, stores deal with external professionals to guide you and offer you models to elaborate. Contact the store nearest you to find all the details related to this service.

What information do I need to provide in store to purchase floor coverings?

Measurements in square foot of the piece as well as the precise pieces that you wish to renovate. Afterwards, our experts will be able to offer you personalized products to your reality and move on to the next steps.

Do you offer the estimation service?

We have an online estimation tool available to give you an idea of the approximate amount of your project, according to your tastes and measurements. In store, you also have the opportunity to get the services of our professionals to set up a plan and concrete estimate of your project.

Where can I share my comments and suggestions?

You can send an email to to share your comments and suggestions. Flordeco wishes your complete satisfaction and takes into consideration all the comments of their customers.

Online order

This section highlights frequently asked questions about online ordering. Learn more about Flordeco online orders.

Online order

Is the confirmation email an official receipt ?

No, your official receipt will be issued to you following verification of your order by an advisor. The latter will confirm the accuracy of your order and can send you a final invoice by email.

Are the taxes included in the prices of the products displayed on the website ?

Taxes are not included in the prices displayed on our website. Taxes and shipping costs are calculated in the shopping cart and added to the total when paying the order.

Are taxes charged on delivery charges?

Taxes are charged on delivery costs and these are calculated at the end of your order when you choose a specific shipping method.

How can I modify or cancel my order ?

If your order has not been confirmed with an advisor, either upon receipt of the final invoice, it is possible to modify or cancel your order by communicating directly with the Flordeco store chosen for your purchases. Our merchant will be happy to assist you in modifying or canceling your order. Click here for store contact information.

Is the online ordering option available in all stores ?

The online ordering option is not offered in all Flordeco stores. When you choose a store, if it is unavailable for online purchase, a message about it will appear. You can then choose another location available for delivery or in-store pick-up.

What are the online payment methods ?

Payment for you online order must be made using a credit card. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Can I select multiple delivery/pick-up methods for my order ?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have several shipping methods for one order. However, if you want two different shipping methods, we advise you to place more than one order. This way, you will be able to choose the items you want to get delivered and those you can pick up in store.


This section highlights frequently asked questions about delivery. Learn more about the delivery offered by Flordeco.


How much are the shipping fees ?

Delivery costs vary depending on your location, the size of your items and their weight. You can calculate the delivery costs in the "Check-out" section of our website before making the final payment.

Where is the delivery made ?

The delivery is made in the parking area and/or the doorstep if it is easily accessible. If you wish to obtain a personalized delivery, for example a 2nd floor, condo tower, interior or other, do not hesitate to indicate it in the comments in the cart and an advisor will contact you to confirm the feasibility as well as the costs associated with the delivery.

Why is my home not eligible for delivery ?

Some regions are unfortunately not currently served by our points of sale, due to the great distance between the regions in question and the store. If the delivery option is not available in the cart, do not hesitate to contact the store to access the possibility as well as the costs for the exceptional delivery. If the latter can find an alternative method of delivery, he will be happy to share it with you.

How far do you deliver ?

We deliver to a distance of 150 km from each of our stores. If you live beyond this radius and the delivery option is not available in the cart, do not hesitate to contact the chosen store to assess the possibilities as well as the costs associated with this exceptionnal delivery.

Why has only part of my order been delivered ?

It is possible that some items come from different places, which explains the independent packages. Our team will send you a shipping email for each order sent with product details to be sure that you will receive your entire order.

Is it possible to choose the time of my delivery ?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the exact time of your delivery. The store responsible for your order will confirm the day and/or time slot before the delivery date.

What do you do with my order is nobody is at my home during the delivery ?

If no one is available to receive your delivery, we will have to schedule a new delivery date and charge additional fees for this new attempt.

What should I do if my product is delivered damage or defective ?

If any products in your order are damaged or faulty, please follow the steps outlined in our Return Policy.

In-store Pick-up

This section highlights frequently asked questions about in-store pick-up. Learn more about picking up in Flordeco store.

In-store Pick-up

Are there any in-store pick-up fees ?

Pick-up is 100% free.

Do I need to present a document or ID when picking up in store ?

In order to collect your order, you will need to present us with an ID as well as the official receipt of the order.

Where should I go to pick up my order ?

When you arrive in store, please go to the counter with your receipt and an ID, our merchant will be happy to answer you and guide you through the next step to collect your order.

Can someone else pick up the order for me ?

It is possible to appoint someone to pick up your order in store. You must first notify the chosen location by contacting them directly when your order is ready for pick-up. Please tell them the first and last name of the person who will pick up the order for you. The authorized person will have to show an ID and the final receipt of the order to collect it.

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