Vinyl Planks

For a floating or glued installation, vinyl planks and tiles are the perfect option to consider when it comes to floor coverings.

Affordable, water-resistant, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and easy to replace, they are the perfect flooring option for a hectic environment.

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Colorado Collée Chambre Curcuma / Colorado Glued Bedroom Curcuma
Altitude Collection
Colorado pro
2.49$ /ft²
Colorado Collée / Colorado Glued - Sereno
Colorado Collée - Cardamome / Colorado Glued - Cardamom
Colorado Collée - Coriandre / Colorado Glued - Cilantro
Canyon II EFS Salon Arancia / Canyon II EFS Living room Arancia
Altitude Collection
Canyon 2 efs 7" x 48"
4.99$ /ft²
Canyon II EFS - Arancia
Canyon II EFS - Taiga
Canyon II EFS - Atlas
Hydrogen 7 Chambre Daliwood / Hydrogen 7 Bedroom Daliwood
Altitude Collection
Hydrogen 7 9'' x 60''
4.99$ /ft²
Hydrogen 7 Daliwood
Hydrogen 7 Dockside
Hydrogen 7 Early Dawn
Bevo Salon Khoala / Bevo Khoala Living room
Altitude Collection
3.29$ /ft²
Salle à manger Chicago / Chicago Dining Room
Altitude Collection
3.19$ /ft²
New York
Cochem Bureau Delta / Cochem Office Delta
Altitude Collection
Cochem 7" x 48"
3.99$ /ft²
Cochem - Alpha
Cochem - Beta
Cochem - Delta
Copenhague Pro Chambre de bébé Pisces / Copenhague Pro Baby bedroom Pisces
Altitude Collection
Copenhague pro
3.69$ /ft²
Copenhague Pro - Alpha
Copenhague Pro - Château / Castle
Copenhague Pro - Lyra
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Altitude Collection
Zurich 9" x 60"
4.49$ /ft²
Colorado Clic Salle à manger Sésame / Colorado Click Dining room Sesame
Altitude Collection
Colorado click
3.49$ /ft²
Colorado Clic / Colorado Click - Curcuma
Colorado Clic - Gingembre / Colorado Click - Ginger
Colorado Clic - Sésame / Colorado Click - Sesame
Canyon II Pro Salle de bain Aesop / Canyon II Pro Bathroom Aesop
Altitude Collection
Canyon 2 pro 7" x 48"
2.99$ /ft²
Canyon II Pro - Arancia
Canyon II Pro - Taiga
Canyon II Pro - Atlas
Salon / Living room Genesis nature Bering
Altitude Collection
Genesis nature 7" x 48"
3.19$ /ft²
Genesis Nature Bering
Genesis Nature Levantine
Genesis Nature Oman
Borax Nature Chambre Dingwall / Borax Nature Bedroom Dingwall
Altitude Collection
Borax nature 5.9" x 48"
3.69$ /ft²
Brownell Point
Borax II Salon Swim Point / Borax II Living room Swim Point
Altitude Collection
Borax ii 5.9" x 48"
3.69$ /ft²
Swim Point
Grand Bay