Flordeco is the true specialist in floor coverings. We are proud to offer a wide selection of products for all your construction or renovation projects. We propose various flooring options such as wood (hardwood, engineered and pre-oiled wood), laminate and an extensive variety of vinyl (loose lay vinyl sheet, planks / vinyl tiles).

We also have installation products at your disposal to provide all the necessary tools when planning your projects. From heated floors, to shower membranes, to drains, all the way to adhesives, we are here for you so you can finally enjoy the comfort of your home!

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Érable V+ Solidclassic Cuisine Komodo / Maple V+ Solidclassic Kitchen Komodo
Noblesse Collection
Maple v+ solidclassic
7.18$ /ft²
8.45$   /ft²
Érable V+ Solidclassic - Naturel / Maple V+ Solidclassic - Natural
Érable V+ Solidclassic - Amsterdam / Maple V+ Solidclassic - Amsterdam
Érable V+ Solidclassic - Dublin / Maple V+ Solidclassic - Dublin
Tavernay Chambre Oxley 583 / Tavernay Bedroom Oxley 583
Contemporia Collection
2.47$ /ft²
Tavernay - Oxley 583
Tavernay - Tavel 580
Tavernay - Toronto 804
Salon Chêne Octave / Chêne Octave Living room
Urbania Collection
Brussel xl 7" x 48"
2.79$ /ft²
Chêne Octave
Chêne Mezzo
Chêne Sonate
Bombay II Cuisine Element Grey / Bombay II Kitchen Element Grey
Atmosphère Collection
Bombay ii
4.79$ /ft²
Bombay II - Landmark Beige
Bombay II - Landmark Brown
Bombay II - Pavement Grey
On sale
Trutex - Cuisine Corawood Scotch / Kitchen
Tarkett Collection
2.44$ /ft²
3.49$   /ft²
Trutex - Corawood Orge / Barley
Trutex - Corawood Scotch
Trutex - Remix Brandy
Brussel Edge Chambre à coucher Opus / Brussel Edge Bedroom Opus
Urbania Collection
Brussel edge 5" x 48"
2.99$ /ft²
Brussel Edge - Gamma
Brussel Edge - Opus
Brussel Edge - Solo
Triton Tuff Vestibule Nuage / Tritton Tuff Hall Cloud
Tarkett Collection
Triton tuff
2.99$ /ft²
Triton Tuff - Gris / Grey
Triton Tuff - Loup / Wolf
Triton Tuff - Noisette / Hazel
Tamara Cuisine Felix (592) / Tamara Kitchen Felix (592)
Contemporia Collection
3.79$ /ft²
Tamara - Ardèche (591)
Tamara - Bari (594)
Tamara - Chaparral Oak (533)
Galaxie Salon Fisherman Océan / Galaxie Living room Fisherman Ocean
Softex Collection
3.19$ /ft²
Galaxie - Fisherman Délavé / Fisherman Washed
Galaxie - Fisherman Océan / Fisherman Ocean
Galaxie - Leone Clair / Leone Clear
Bevo Salon Khoala / Bevo Khoala Living room
Altitude Collection
3.29$ /ft²
Salle à manger Chicago / Chicago Dining Room
Altitude Collection
3.19$ /ft²
New York
On sale
Pinto - Cuisine Grand Canyon / Grand Canyon Kitchen
Altitude Collection
Pinto collé 7" x 48"
2.19$ /ft²
2.99$   /ft²
Pinto - Raw Sienna
Pinto - Grand Canyon
Pinto - Salt River
Merisier Select Salon Naturel / Birch Select Living room Natural
Expression Collection
Birch select
7.04$ /ft²
Merisier Select / Birch Select - Azure
Merisier Select / Birch Select - Beach
Merisier Select / Birch Select - Clove

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