Laminate floors mimic flawlessly local and exotic woods.

They are available in an infinite variety of shades, colors and widths.

This type of flooring is also impact resistant and therefore the ideal material for all your floor renovations.

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Salon Chêne Octave / Chêne Octave Living room
Urbania Collection
Brussel xl 7" x 48"
2.79$ /ft²
Chêne Octave
Chêne Mezzo
Chêne Sonate
Corby Salon Cliff / Corby Living room Cliff
Urbania Collection
3.59$ /ft²
Corby - Bluff
Corby - Cliff
Corby - Dusk
Bahamas Entrée Chêne Gala / Bahamas Entry way Gala Oak
Urbania Collection
Bahamas 7,5" x 47,25"
2.49$ /ft²
Bahamas - Nil / Nile
Bahamas - Meriç
Bahamas - Chêne Tendence / Trendy Oak
On sale
Bolzanie Bureau Aurore / Bolzanie Office Aurore
Urbania Collection
Bolzanie 7.5" x 54.31"
3.39$ /ft²
3.99$   /ft²
Bolzanie - Terra
Bolzanie - Australe
Bolzanie - Boreale
Brussel Edge Chambre à coucher Opus / Brussel Edge Bedroom Opus
Urbania Collection
Brussel edge 5" x 48"
2.59$ /ft²
Brussel Edge - Gamma
Brussel Edge - Opus
Brussel Edge - Solo
Belfast Xtra Vestibule Anning Xtra / Belfast Xtra Hall Anning Xtra
Urbania Collection
Belfast xtra 7.72" x 47.87"
3.39$ /ft²
Belfast Xtra - Anderson Xtra
Belfast Xtra - Anning Xtra
Belfast Xtra - Edison Xtra
Belfast Salon Hawking / Belfast Living room Hawking
Urbania Collection
Belfast 7.72" x 47.87"
2.59$ /ft²
Belfast - Anderson
Belfast - Anning
Belfast - Carson
Riptide Salon Hurricane / Riptide Living room Hurricane
Urbania Collection
Riptide 7'' x 48''
3.99$ /ft²
Riptide - Black Pearl
Riptide - Hurricane
Riptide - Offshore
Balzac Herringbone Salle à manger Ferrara / Balzac Herringbone Dining room Ferrara
Urbania Collection
Balzac herringbone 5,25" x 26,19"
3.19$ /ft²
Bridgeton Salon Parana / Bridgeton Living room Parana
Urbania Collection
Bridgeton 7.56" x 50.5"
4.79$ /ft²
Taylor Salle à manger / Taylor Dining room
Urbania Collection
Taylor 6.5" x 48"
3.99$ /ft²
Brazi Cuisine Barbarossa Xtra / Brazi Kitchen Barbarossa Xtra
Urbania Collection
Brazi 7.6" x 54.45"
3.59$ /ft²
Aurelian Xtra
Attila Xtra
Ferdinand Xtra
Plancher Chêne Naturel / Chêne Naturel Floor
Urbania Collection
Arbori 3.93'' x 47.83''
2.69$ /ft²
Chêne Naturel
Érable Sierra
Chêne Rouge

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