Large Format Tiles

For a clean, modern and very trendy look, consider oversized ceramic tiles for your interiors.

Flordeco offers an assortment of tiles in these unique formats.

Utilize them to provide an impression of grandeur to your rooms! 

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Ceppo Di Grè Escaliers Blanc / Ceppo Di Grè Stairs White
Flordeco Collection
Ceppo di grè
6.99$ /ft²
Gris / Grey
Blanc / White
Potomac Salle de bain Sable / Potomac Bathroom Sand
Flordeco Collection
Potomac 24" x 24"
6.49$ /ft²
Potomac - Blanc / White
Potomac - Gris / Grey
Potomac - Sable / Sand
Taku Salon Blanc / Taku Living room White
Flordeco Collection
Taku 26" x 26"
8.49$ /ft²
Saint-Lux Salon Beige / Saint-Lux Living room Beige
Flordeco Collection
Saint-lux 24" x 24"
4.99$ /ft²
Bargini Fenta Salon Blanc / Bargini Fenta Living room White
Flordeco Collection
Bargini fenta
4.99$ /ft²
Amazona Salle de bain Jade / Amazona Bathroom Jade
Flordeco Collection
Amazona 24" x 48"
11.99$ /ft²
Eternity Salon Marmos Olive / Eternity Living room Marmos Olive
Flordeco Collection
7.38$ /ft²
Eternity - Atlanta Blanc / Atlanta White
Eternity - Marmos Olive
Eternity - Dyna Gris / Dyna Grey
Patagonia Salle à manger Bleu / Patagonia Dining room Blue
Flordeco Collection
Patagonia 24" x 48"
Upon request
Capraia Salle de bain Blanc / Capraia Bathroom White
Flordeco Collection
Capraia 24" x 48"
Upon request
Galaxy-CE Salon Beige / Galaxy-CE Living room Beige
Flordeco Collection
Galaxy 24" x 48"
9.99$ /ft²
Galaxy-CE - Beige
Galaxy-CE - Bleu / Blue
Galaxy-CE - Gris / Grey
Theatro Salle de bain Blanc / Theatro Bathroom White
Flordeco Collection
Theatro 24" x 24"
6.99$ /ft²
Theatro - Anthracite
Theatro - Graphite
Theatro - Blanc / White
Blue Savoy Salon Lune / Blue Savoy Living room Moon
Flordeco Collection
Blue savoy 24" x 24"
8.99$ /ft²
Blue Savoy - Lune / Moon
Blue Savoy - Gris / Grey
Blue Savoy - Graphite
Norr - Magasin Grus / Shop
Flordeco Collection
11.39$ /ft²
Norr - Vit
Norr - Gra
Norr - Svart

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