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Flextherm - Membrane de désolidarisation (feuille de 8,9 PC) / Flextherm - Uncoupling membrane (sheet of 8,9 Sq.Ft.)
Flexdeco Collection
Flextherm- uncoupling membrane (sheet of 8.9 ft²)
Upon request
Flexdeco Thermostat ecran tactile programmable / Flexdeco touch Display progr. thermostat
Flexdeco Collection
Flexdeco touch display progr. thermostat
Flextherm membrane de désolidarisation (rouleau de 161 PC) / Flextherm uncoupling membrane (roll of 161 sq.ft.)
Flexdeco Collection
Flextherm- uncoupling membrane (roll of 161 ft²)
Upon request
Flexdeco thermostat non-programmable / Flexdeco non-programmable thermostat
Flexdeco Collection
Flexdeco non-progr. thermostat 120v/240v
Flexdeco - Gabarits pour câble chauffant
Flexdeco Collection
Gauges with glue for flexdeco (20)
Unité d'expansion Flexdeco / Flexdeco Expansion Unit
Flexdeco Collection
Flexdeco expansion unit 120v/240v
Flexdeco thermostat programmable / Flexdeco Programmable thermostat
Flexdeco Collection
Flexdeco programmable thermostat 120/240
Câble noir Flexdeco / Flexdeco Black Cable
Flexdeco Collection
Flexdeco black cable
Upon request

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