Under carpet/membrane

Proper installation of a shower is very important to avoid all forms of unnecessary damage during your renovations.

Schluter’s KERDI waterproofing membranes must be fixed under ceramic to act as protection and insulation in your bathroom.

This membrane is specially designed for tiled showers, bath contour, residential steam showers as well as for installing other tiles in humid rooms.

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Flextherm - Membrane de désolidarisation (feuille de 8,9 PC) / Flextherm - Uncoupling membrane (sheet of 8,9 Sq.Ft.)
Flexdeco Collection
Flextherm- uncoupling membrane (sheet of 8.9 ft²)
Upon request
Flextherm membrane de désolidarisation (rouleau de 161 PC) / Flextherm uncoupling membrane (roll of 161 sq.ft.)
Flexdeco Collection
Flextherm- uncoupling membrane (roll of 161 ft²)
Upon request

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