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4 tips to implement the «mix and match» trend

All elements of a room shouldn’t always fit perfectly together, on the contrary, it’s the mixture of different styles, colors and textures that makes the trend! To give your room a warm and dynamic feel, here are the fundamentals to succeed with a "mix and match" décor.


Wall coverings

Be bold and dare to mix textures and styles! The walls of your room need a little something to spice them up? By applying a wall covering such as the Charcoal style from the Inspiration Design collection, you’ll give texture to a dull, personality-free space. It will also help create harmony in the room, while giving it character and uniqueness. Wall coverings are available in different materials, such as natural stone, wood and briquette, as well as in different colors. It's time for you to have fun and create an incomparable space!

Wall coverings - Graphite - Inspiration Design Collection



Transforming a room by adding a touch of fantasy with accessories can significantly change its mood. Area rugs can easily add color and softness, depending on the desired effect! Rugs are a great ally when it comes to adding warmth to a room without breaking the bank. It is also possible, at Flordeco, to customize your carpet, by choosing its dimensions according to your needs. Adding this little accessory can make a big difference in making your room welcoming and pleasant to look at.

Area Rug


For an easy and fast transformation, opt for textured and colorful textiles, which helps give the room a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere. Changing bedding can be a great way to avoid seasonal depression when fall is around the corner. There is also the possibility of getting the fabric of your choice in the desired size. Textiles can be defined by bed quilts, curtains, cushions or any other decoration.

Bed coverings & Textile

Wall tiles

Have you ever thought of adding ceramic to a room to change the mood? It's finally time to act, wall tiles add a lot of character in a room. Wall tiles are also perfect for a nice kitchen backsplash, making the room original and personalized while also giving it a modern look. Mosaic tiles on a bathroom wall for example, can bring a lot of sophistication and vivacity to the room.


Wall tiles


For more inspiration or professional advice, come meet our specialists in stores. They will be glad to guide you in all your «mix and match» decoration projects.

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