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4 tips to clarified the laminate

This spring season, which is favorable for renovations, why not be tempted by the trendy models of laminate available at Flordeco ? Indeed, with more than 15 models of all kinds, including wide or narrow planks, traditional or modern colors and lower to higher resistance, the possibilities are endless! Formely unloved, this material has indeed managed to gain popularity in the last few years, thanks to a varied offer and a greatly improved quality.

But how to make a good choice according to our tastes and needs ? Flordeco’s experts propose tactics to get a clearer view, answering questions that are most frequently asked.


1. What is laminate made of ?

The laminate is compose of 4 layers of materials :

• Coating : Highly resistant, this top layer is made of melamine resin and aluminum oxide.

• The decorative layer : This is a sheet on which is printed a pattern in very high resolution.

• The core : Consists of a high density pressed wood fiber panel.

• A layer of melamine covers the back of the board.


2. Is installation and maintenance complex ?

This floor category offers many advantages in terms of installation and maintenance. Indeed, laminate does not require nails or glue! Moreover, it can be installed on all levels of your home, even the basement, in addition to agree on a floor with integrated radiant heating. On the maintenance side, ease is one of its key features: with a broom, a vacuum cleaner or a mop well wrung, the trick is played! This type of floor can even be serviced with water and some vinegar. However, it is best to avoid soap-based products, which trend to leave a residue.


3. What is the lifespan laminate ?  

Unlike hardwood flooring, laminate floor is much more resistant to wear, but in case of surface damage, it can be repaired using a product sold by the manufacturer.


4. What about the AC standard ?

Used to represent the durability of a laminate, this standard allows you to choose wisely the best product for your needs. The quality of the floor is determined by grades, based on intensive tests on wear, stains, impact type and minimal burn effects. Thus, from a level of AC1 to AC5, AC3, AC4 and AC5 are privileged. AC3 is ideal for residential use, while higher ratings are more suitable for commercial premises.

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