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In the era of the italian shower

The new bathroom generation has nothing to envy to the utility rooms of the past. It has become more luxuriant, more spacious with elements such as heated floors, steaming system, sound and luminotherapy systems. It also distinguishes itself by its spa style, where you can find refuge from the rhythm of modern life.

At the heart of these new trends, the Italian ceramic shower allow more mouvement by the absence of the traditional shower threshold. The walk-in transition makes the space more accessible, safe, and functional, while facilitating maintenance.

With this in mind, the Italian shower is much larger, with a bench and controls within reach. The shower should also have a heated floor. It will be undeniably comfortable, safe and will also serve to dry the surfaces.

By adding the use of a linear drain with tiled grid, which is camouflaged to the tiling, the effect of uniformity and magnitude is amplified.

Today, trends of Italian showers, it is imperative to waterproof the entire shower and floor of the bathroom, without forgetting the bottom of the walls around the room. For this type of shower it is imperative to waterproof the whole shower and the bathroom floor. Waterproofing between the spaces will be done by matching waterproofing membranes and uncoupling.

Some more luxurious projects will be equipped with a steam systems. In such cases, waterproofing the entire room including the ceiling would be in order. The latest design trends favor new materials and installation systems that protect your investment from cracks and mold. Today it is possible to consider more modern, functional and easy to maintain spaces.

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