Le vinyle: un choix populaire!

Vinyl: a popular choice!

Having evolved enormously in the last years, vinyl is gaining popularity and is increasingly integrated into the decor of Quebec homes! Find out why vinyl is now  such a popular choice.

Advantages of vinyl


Vinyl is very good value for money! Like any type of flooring, different variety of vinyl are offered at different price ranges; however, this material is still considered to be one of the least expensive.

Tavernay - Oxley 583 Fresh Start - Barn Jazz Warm Grey
Tavernay vinyl sheet in color
Oxley 583
 Fresh Start vinyl sheet in color
Barn Jazz Warm Grey

Vinyl is easy to maintain. It is a perfect choice for homes with children or pets. A quick broom or vacuum cleaner, a wash with a neutral detergent and that’s it!

Bevo XL - Zao Cochem - Sigma
Bevo XL vinyl planks in color
Cochem vinyl planks in color

A good quality, vinyl well installed and well maintained is a durable option, it is very resistant, even in the busiest areas of your home. This has a wear layer, measured in millimeters, that offers better resistance by helping, among other things, to reduce scratches. The wear layer is a portion of the coating that helps protect the appearance and design of your vinyl so it will look great for years to come.

Water resistance

Vinyl can be installed almost anywhere since they are water resistant. This makes it the perfect flooring for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, where it is more humid. The vinyl will not tend to swell under the influence of water or humidity. However, it is good to know that is you are victim of significant water damage and you have opted for vinyl planks or tiles, water can seep between the joints and thus damage your floor covering.

Canyon II Pro - Aesop Belgrade - Nigella
Canyon II Pro vinyl planks in color
Belgrade vinyl planks in color

Vinyl is chameleon, meaning it is made to imitate the appearance of stone, ceramic, concrete and even wood, at a lower cost. It is an excellent option if you want to offer a luxury effect to your rooms. A huge variety of textures, patterns and colors are available, so you are sure to find a vinyl you like! New technologies allow the reproduction of just about any surface, making it very realistic.

First Class - Falcon Bombay II - Element Grey Kosmo - Sisal Cream
First Class vinyl sheet
in color Falcon
Bombay II vinyl sheet
in color Element Grey
Kosmo vinyl sheet 
in color Sisal Cream
Hydrogen 7 - Daliwood
Hydrogen 7 vinyl planks in color

Vinyl is a soft and warm material. For those who like to walk barefoot at home, it is comfortable underfoot and is less cold than natural surfaces like stone and ceramic. In addition, several models are even compatible with heated floors!

Different types of vinyl

Tiles, planks, or vinyl sheets? It all depends on your budget, where your vinyl will be installed and the final look you want to achieve. Not sure which type to choose… let us demystify them for you!


Most vinyl tiles reproduce the look of stone or ceramic, in a more affordable way. They are available in rectangular or square formats to perfectly imitate ceramic tiles and thus offer a uniform appearance. Two compositions are available, SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) made from stone dust, minerals and a plastic composite or WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) a material composed of wood fibers and plastic composite, they are designed to offer us aesthetics, ease of maintenance and resistance.  Since both compositions are waterproof, the tiles can be installed in any room, so it is a possibility for your bathroom floors.

Tufino - T20174 Colorado - Auguste Brunett - Chicago
Tufino vinyl planks 
in color T20174
Colorado vinyl planks 
in color Auguste
Burnett vinyl planks
in color Chicago

Vinyl planks are an alternative to traditional wood floors. They offer a perfect imitation of these at a fraction of the cost, it’s amazing! Just like the tiles, the planks are also available in two compositions and are water resistant, so you can enjoy the effect of wood in more humid rooms without having to worry.

Bahamas - Meriç Pinto - Boheme Brown Bevo - Jarta
Bahamas vinyl planks
in color Meriç
Pinto vinyl planks
in color Boheme Brown
Bevo vinyl planks
in color Jarta

Vinyl sheets

Vinyl sheets are the most versatile type of vinyl. A huge variety of designs and colors are available. Offered in rolls, this type of vinyl can be installed in different ways, it is perfect for rooms with a high humidity level such as the basement or the bathroom. Easy to maintain, warm for the feet, quiet, comfortable, and wear-resistant, this floor covering continues to impress us.

Bahia - Nebula Ash Air Evo - Calm Tarzy - Patagonia T34
Bahia vinyl sheet 
in color Nebula Ash
Air Evo vinyl sheet 
in color Calm
Tarzy vinyl sheet
in color Patagonia T34

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