Adopt the Boho-Chic Three-Step Trend

Happy blend of colors, patterns and textures, the Boho-Chic style has its roots in the 1960s- 1970s and the hippie movement. As proof, the word Boho means bohemian and refers to carelessness and the absence of established rules. It is in this spirit that the Boho-Chic trend develops and is inspired by the Scandinavian style to bring that degree of subtlety and refinement that makes it a mixture at once relaxed, colorful and refined. Want to adopt it? Follow our three-step guide to know the secrets of the Boho-Chic style to integrate it into your home!

Dare to mix colors and motley patterns

With the Boho-Chic style, all shades are allowed and even recommended! We must indeed mix color palettes and emphasize strong, warm tones, like red and pink or cold as turquoise, green and blue. For the "chic" aspect, it can be interesting to introduce these colors using for example textiles, and to adopt earthy colors (brown, beige, olive or khaki) or a cream tone for your walls.

Porcelain Marrakesh | Flordeco Collection
Loose Lay Vinyl Sheet Bosco | Atmosphère Collection
Porcelain Marrakesh | Flordeco Collection   Loose Lay Vinyl Sheet Bosco | Atmosphère Collection


The Boho-Chic inspired motifs are geometric or ethnic, whether it’s simple stripes, floral prints or arabesques. So, why not opt for the Marrakesh ceramic porcelain from the Maestro collection or the Bosco floating tarpaulin from the Atmosphere collection?


Use natural materials

The use of natural materials is the way to give a Boho-Chic style to your home! Indeed, you can count on materials such as wood, wicker, rattan and minerals or stones fine for your furniture, while the plenty of fabrics and rugs will warm your space and give it the cozy effect sought. Boiled wool, felt, weaves and velvet prove to be indispensable in this area!

Nomade Carpet | Nürug Collection

Nomade Carpet | Nürug Collection 

The Boho-Chic style is anything but minimalist and it makes it known you can let your creativity run free according to your tastes to give a more or aspect less loaded to your decor. The Nomad carpet from the collection nürugis is perfect for adding a touch of fantasy, in perfect harmony with the Boho-Chic style.


Contrast, The Boho-Chic Triptych Boho-Chic

Essential elements of the Boho-Chic style, green plants can be used in a wide variety of styles: potted or suspended, cactus, shrubs tropical, ferns and succulents have this original appearance and come from elsewhere makes its full effect in an already busy setting. A source of contrasts, these green plants, for example, blend with taste and simplicity to the Sambu ceramic porcelain from the Maestro collection.

Sambu | Maestro Collection

Sambu | Maestro Collection 

The Boho-Chic style wants to be the witness of a busy life, made of travels and discoveries. You Have understood, accumulate heterogeneous objects is one of the markers of this trend and nothing is prohibited! Cushions, candle holders, lanterns and other light garlands are just one of many examples. An old trunk of travel? Patinated mirrors? The possibilities are endless and especially to your image!

If the accumulation of decorative objects is one of the markers of style, the Boho-Chic tends to want to rise, literally and figuratively! In this spirit of freedom and to bring a relaxing effect to your interior, you can use hanging furniture items such as a hammock, a rattan armchair or classically shelves and hanging plants.

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