Add warmth or value in a room

Affordable, easy to install and requiring no maintenance, heated floors offer an ideal heating solution. Whether they are used as a main or secondary heat source, floor heating systems perfectly fit every room, from the smallest to the largest. Since they offer a level of comfort impossible to go without once you’ve tried them, do not release any electromagnetic fields and even lead to energy savings, heated floors’ popularity keeps rising and they have become a must-have for home owners as well as prospective buyers. They can be easily installed during a new construction or a renovation and are compatible with most floor coverings. Thinking of buying a new floor covering? Do not miss your chance of heating your floor. Once installed, floor heating systems will exceed the lifetime of your floor covering!

Flordeco is a certified floor heating specialist able to accompany clients at every step of their construction or renovation project. Working in partnership with local manufacturer FLEXTHERM, the leader in the field of floor heating systems, Flordeco is so confident in the FLEXTHERM products they sell and in the expertise of its installers that is authorized to offer an exclusive lifetime warranty on the FLEXTHERM systems installed by their installers. All that will be left to do is put your slippers aside and enjoy the wonderful heat.

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