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Expand a room without renovating

We all dream of a huge house with spacious and airy rooms with a perfect interior design, but we do not always have the means of our ambitions ... Sometimes it only takes a few elements to change your interior layout to create a visual impact that will make the room appear more open and wider.


For your floors

In a small setting, it is preferable to opt for uniformity to give the impression of elongate your living space. Let your space “speak for itself“ by avoiding visual barrier. Large tiles are becoming more and more popular. These formats have the power to enlarge small spaces, and emphasize the effect of depth.


Choose your accessories well

Special attention should also be given, to interior design, when accessorizing a more confined space. Whether you are choosing frameworks, ornaments or curtains, avoid alternatives that would be too imposing. When selecting curtains opt for transparency and for decorative accents adopt “squares” instead of rounded shapes. Prefer objects with elongated forms rather than huge and massive shapes would also be more appropriate.


Go for blended rather than contrasting colors

For your accessories, prioritize shades of colours that are very similar to your walls,giving the delicate effect that they are blended in your design. Otherwise, best select light colours that will not contrast with the rest of the room and will reflect natural light.


Using mirrors

If brightness is a problem, you can install a large mirror on the wall facing your windows. This will accomplish a double advantage; spreading light more easily and widen your room with a depth optical effect.

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