Comment choisir le bon type de plancher de bois franc ?

How to choose the right type of hardwood floor ?

Wood is a highly esteemed material for consumers, they often install it in the main rooms of their home.

Flordeco offers a wide range of hardwood products made in Quebec, these are undoubtedly timeless material, but still quite complex. You have probably wondered about this product during your shopping sprees, hence we would like to enlighten you.


Why choose one wood specie more than another?

An important aspect to consider when choosing hardwood flooring is the material’s rigidity. The Janka hardness test allows you to categorize different wood species. In the domestic wood category, hickory is the most rigid of all, followed by maple, white oak and red oak. Hardness is essential to consider depending on the environment in which the material will be installed. A second aspect to consider is the desired look, different species have properties and a look of their own. These properties are reflected by color, grain appearance and material design.


What type of hardwood to choose, hardwood or engineered wood?

Hardwood planks are made from one single board; therefore, they are mostly installed in houses. Since buying a home is a long-term purchase, hardwood offers the possibility to sand and dye the floor to change its color after several years. It is also important to note that these boards are more likely to move depending on temperature and moisture. Hence, engineered wood is suggested for rooms where humidity is variable. Engineered wood is made from several boards staggered together. This allows the planks not to move as much. This material is often used in condos, apartments or other places with a lot of moisture variations. Engineered wood is composed of several layers of hardwood. Its upper layer is made from 100% natural wood and the middle layers are different species of plywood crossing together to reduce expansion of the material.

Our different custom collections offer a wide variety of choices, in terms of available widths, colors, species, structures and platforms. Come visit our experts in any Flordeco store to find the right material for your home.

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