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How to create a «Hygge» space in your house ?

What's the «hygge»?

Pronounced «hue-gah», hygge is what we call the Danish happiness. Derived from a Norwegian term meaning "well-being", this Scandinavian way of life represents a set of elements that make up moments of happiness, especially during the winter days, which are very similar to ours in Quebec : cold and not so bright. A true philosophy of the art of living, the «hygge» aims to appease, lighten the weight of everyday life and live the present moment. It's all about prioritizing comfort and harmony, trying to disconnect and finding time to gather with family or friends. In short, to live here and now!


The importance of atmosphere

It is not so complicated to introduce some hygge moment into our day; simply adapt the decoration of a space where you feel good in the house by focusing on the atmosphere and ambience. The goal is to create a warm and cozy little corner where you can enjoy moments in particular, whether it’s a reading time or simply a moment of reflection sipping a good hot drink.


What about the deco?

Natural elements of decoration contribute to create this little magic corner. Fortunately, the warm and rustic style is currently very trendy. You will probably succeed in creating your cocoon of happiness without modifying your decoration. For example, the maple mat fished with variation of knots, an exclusive wood floor of our Noblesse collection, presents darker and more visible wood grains, giving a modern and country look to the entire room. It is available in 4 plateforms and 6 differents colours. The Evian colour (See the picture), gives the opportunity to prioritize soothing and serene colours such as cream, white or sand, both in terms of walls and the choice of all the decorative objects. Lighting dozens of candles is also one of the key elements to create warm and soft lighting. Then get soft cushions and blankets (sheep wool is often used in Danish culture). If you have the chance to be near a fireplace, do not underestimate the good it can bring you!

For more information, do not hesitate to call the Flordeco experts who will advise you in the transformation of a portion of your house according to the percepts of hygge.

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