Pantone 2019

How to integrate pantones 2019 color in your decor

What is the year's colors  ?

Every year, in December, Pantone announces with great pleasure its "Color of the Year". The first ever color of the year was chosen in 2000, as of that year the tradition was born. The process of selecting this color is done throughout the year and is the result of analyzing several different sources.

These include the years major events such as, social media trends, colors chosen by leading fashion designers, popular travel destinations, popular movies, and more. The Color of the year is announced in December, for the following year.


Why Living Coral?

For 2019, Pantone’s choice is a vibrant tropical coral, a mix of orange and rosé. Living Coral inspires us to live authentic experiences, to stay optimistic and to seek the joy of living through the less positive events around us. It is a color whose tropical tint brings brightness and vitality.


Integrate Living Coral into your decor

When incorporating a color as bright as this in our decor, less is more. The color must be in accent rather than in dominance. There are several ways to do so.


Directly on walls

This kind of color is perfect on kitchen or bathroom ceramic. With its vibrant tint, it immediately brings shine to a room. It fits well paired with neutral colors. For example, our color market ceramic in the color Flamingo would marry beautifully with colors like Patagonia and Siberian. As well as with the color Cosmos which is demonstrated in the picture on your left.

Living Coral can also be painted on walls. In this case, it must be paired with colors such as white and will serve as a focal point to a more neutral room.In addition, some materials are perfectly enhanced by the vivacity of Living Coral. It is the case of our Campido ceramic, in the color pale gray, or our maple hardwood from our Noblesse collection, in "Sky Maple".


With accessories

There’s nothing better than accessories to give your room a little punch. It's an easy and non-permanent way to give color to your space. With a laminate floor like the Biviera model from our Urbania collection, the options are endless! Whether it’s a couch, a cushion, a canvas or a piece of furniture, the Color of the year is found in several decorative elements and fits easily into any decor. 

For more information, please talk to our Flordeco experts who will be pleased to guide you with you renovation projects using Pantone’s color of the year.

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