Style Scandicraft

Curves, light tones and natural materials: Scandicraft style is the key, between warmth and authenticity

Preserve the fundamentals of the Scandinavian style while giving them a second youth, it is possible! The Scandinavian style is renewed this year and adopts a dimension respectful of the environment with the will to highlight durable and authentic furniture.

The Scandicraft style combines, among other things, refined and functional furniture with raw materials from the craft industry. Wicker, rattan, recycled wood, this mix of genres and textures put on white and warm colors to create a harmonious interior that gives pride to an ethical decoration. We move away from the rigidity of style Scandinavian, furniture can marry curved shapes and adopt more fanciful colors.

A patinated wooden furniture, a rattan mirror or a caned object, many are the possibilities to give a natural look to your decor. For example, the Legendary Wood wall tiles or the Noblesse Collection Variation knots Maple hardwood floors combine perfectly with the Scandicraft style for their authentic and raw look.

The Scandicraft style is perfect for creating a warm and natural interior in which one takes the time to live. The very essence of Scandicraft: breaking the rigor of the Scandinavian style with whimsical and colorful favorites!

Want to give a Scandicraft style to your home? Feel free to come to our stores, the Flordeco experts will be happy to advise you and assist you in your project.

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