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Kitchen 2019 version : a room to live

Throughout the ages, the kitchen has never stopped evolving. From a simple functional space to a unifying and family room, the 2019 kitchen is certainly becoming the heart of the house! Indeed, today, the refined and minimalist style is put aside and instead adopt the warm look in order to obtain a room where life is good. Several elements make it possible to recreate this friendly style, but the choice of floor and wall coverings remains fundamental. Are you planning to renovate your kitchen in the near future? Follow this short guide of tips to help you build the kitchen of your dreams!


1. Recovering human warmth


The model kitchens of recent years have often adopted an industrial and rather cold style. Nowadays, the trend is completely the opposite, while hot materials predominate! Indeed, wood and all other raw materials are again welcome in 2019 as they bring a very human side to the room. Whether as flooring, cabinetry or even counter tops, wood can be used anywhere!

So why not choose an Maple Sky hardwood floor from the Noblesse collection or the Birch Tradition from the Chrysalis collection? Available in both dark and lighter shades, they will perfectly match the look you are looking for to bring warmth and friendliness to your room.

It should be noted that in 2019, there will never be too much wood in a kitchen! Thus, it is quite common to combine the wood finish of the floor covering with a similar or completely different wood finish on cabinets or furniture for a totally natural look.

Maple Sky | Noblesse collection

Maple Sky | Noblesse collection


2. Dare a touch of colour

To bring a certain lightness to a kitchen with a natural look, it is recommended to add a little colour. Without overstating, it is simply a matter of creating a balance between the raw materials and the rest of the part. Thus, it is not uncommon to see pastel colours such as an old pink or mint green, used on furniture or directly on the walls.

If you are not interested in light colours, it is always possible to choose darker colours such as black, indigo blue or even emerald green.

Moreover, as raw materials are very trendy in the kitchen today, it is appropriate to use them as a touch of colour! Indeed, you may be tempted to install the Mono brick wall from the Florenzo collection available in 24 different colours.


Mono serie | Florenzo collection

Mono serie | Florenzo collection


3. Renovating the kitchen without breaking the bank 

Renovating a kitchen often involves many costs, but did you know that buying flooring doesn't have to be so expensive? In fact, there are more affordable floor coverings that perfectly mimic the finish of wood and porcelain, it's vinyl. The latter, which is increasingly used during renovations, provides the same warmth as wood, is durable and above all, allows you not to overspend your budget.


If you like this option, maybe you could be attracted by the Cosmos vinyl from the H2O Flor collection? Is quick installation and the multitude of colours offered will satisfy all your desires!


Cosmos model | H2O Flor collection

Cosmos model | H2O Flor collection

Do these styles appeal to you? Find all the products mentioned above on our website or visit one of our 46 stores to meet our Flordeco experts. Whether it's for a large budget kitchen or for more modest renovations, they will be able to advise you on the coverings that meet your needs while allowing you to obtain the most beautiful results!

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