Pantone 2023: Découvrez tout sur la couleur de l'année

Pantone 2023: Find out all about the color of the year

Every year, experts from the Pantone Color Institute meet to choose the color for the upcoming year. To do so, 40 specialists from various professions go back to key events of the year and the trends seen in different fields. From fashion to cinema, through design and world events, everything is considered to choose the color that will be the most in line with the current expectations. Always long awaited, the Pantone color of the year has finally arrived, and Viva Magenta (18-1750) will be the color that will dominate the year of 2023!

Why Viva Magenta?

For 2023, the Pantone choice fell on “Viva Magenta”. The latter vibrates with its dynamism, it is a color that draws its shades from the red tones family, thus expressing strength and courage. This year’s color is directly inspired by cochineal red, one of the most precious, strongest, and brightest natural dyes the word has ever known! Following the current trend, the return of the union with nature, the “Viva Magenta” aims to reconnect us to the original matter by reminding everyone of its forces. The Pantone 2023 choice represents the unconventionality of our time and will bring life to any décor!

How to integrate it into your decor?

Loose Lay Vinyl Sheet - GalaxieGalaxie Loose Lay Vinyl Sheet in Lewis Grey

For the most daring among us, “Viva Magenta” can be the star of your design and affixed on a wall to give dynamism and joy to your home. If you like this idea, pair it with neutral colored furniture and floors. As is the image above, the pale furniture and the floor in shades of grey help to reduce the intensity of the Pantone color of the year. In this case, our Galaxie loose lay vinyl sheet in the color Lewis grey counterbalances the liveliness of the wall and makes the whole thing much more harmonious.

Wall Tiles - JubileeJubilee Wall Tiles in Grana

 Being a very intense color, the “Viva Magenta” goes well with dark or very pale shades. If you are like us and you like bright and bold colors, but also like shade and sober decorations, here is our advice. A bathroom, generally made up of very pale shades, is therefore the perfect option to harmonize the color of the year. Magenta, used well, can easily brighten up your bathroom, without becoming aggressive for the eyes. In the white and grey decor of this bathroom, with its color and texture, our Jubilee ceramic in the color Grana is the perfect focal point and gives a modern and tasteful style.  

Bahia Loose Lay Vinyl Sheet Canyon EFS Vinyl Tiles
Bahia Loose lay Vinyl Sheet in Stellar Oak Fog
                 Canyon EFS Vinyl Tiles in Essential

  Bevo Vinyl PlanksBevo Vinyl Planks in Etna

Want to add the color of the year to your decor without committing too much? We have the perfect solution for you, nothing is better than adding colorful accessories to neutral colors to help revive it. This is the ideal solution if you are not ready to commit and paint a full wall or redo your bathroom in the colors of the year. Whether in the living room, in an office or in a child’s room, when added sparingly, “Viva Magenta” is the best color to give dynamism to your home. A few touches of magenta look great with our Canyon and Bevo vinyl planks & tiles and our Bahia loose lay vinyl sheet. 


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