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Two Mediterranean styles: Tuscan And Spanish

Inspired by the scenery of Italy, Spain, Provence, Greece and the Maghreb, the Mediterranean style inevitably creates a holiday atmosphere in a kitchen or living room all year round. Light and friendly, it is divided into many unique decors that recall a European architecture. Warm, rustic and in balance between modern and traditional, Tuscan and Spanish styles are among the most popular. Easy to adopt, they will make you travel without leaving the comfort of your home. Do you like it? Follow these few tips to help you integrate these styles to perfection.


 1. Tuscan style:  nature in the heart of the house

Born in Italy during the Renaissance, the Tuscan style is strongly inspired by Italian nature with its rustic decorations of yesteryear and warm colours. Whether it is the wooden beams that adorn the ceiling, the addition of handcrafted ceramics or the attractive decoration, the elegant and picturesque look will charm you.


To recreate this style in a kitchen or living room, it is important to use a darker wood covering or even a more sober ceramic in ochre and rust colours. The chosen ground cover can also be of different sizes to give an illusion of wear and tear that will accentuate the Tuscan style. Namely: patterned ceramics can be applied in a few places in the kitchen to recall the artisanal aspect. So why not choose a Birch shade hardwood floor from the Noblesse collection or the Agadir wall ceramic from the Flordeco collection? Both will bring a rural touch to your room.


Birch shade | Noblesse collection

Birch shade | Noblesse collection       

Agadir | Flordeco collection

Agadir | Flordeco collection


  1. Spanish style : life in colour


The Spanish style is somewhat similar to the Tuscan style, in its natural aspect, which is observed through the use of raw materials such as wood and stone but is mainly distinguished by its colour accents that bring the room to life. This touch of colour is found in the accessories and sometimes even on the floor.

Unlike its Italian counterpart, the Spanish style uses very little wood on the floor; it is rather on the ceiling to give an illusion of depth. Ceramic is the most important floor covering material. Indeed, in the kitchen or bedroom, it is not uncommon to find tiles in attractive colours such as deep red in contrast to plain white walls. To achieve this, you could choose Castelvetro Advanced Fusion Cotto color from the Concerto collection.

Castelvetro Advanced fusion | Concerto collection

Castelvetro Advanced fusion | Concerto collection 

In addition to coloured ceramics, you should not hesitate to add accessories in the same or complementary shades of colour to create a majestic style that will undoubtedly remind you of travel memories.


 3. Decoration: the key to a successful atmosphere

Despite their difference, the two Mediterranean styles meet when it comes to decoration. Indeed, it is the key to creating a captivating setting like those in Italy or Spain.

To maintain the authentic atmosphere, it is a good idea to display your copper or iron pots and pans on the kitchen walls rather than leaving them in the cupboards. This makes it possible to combine business with pleasure in a very warm setting.

The addition of a colour accent is already widely used in the Spanish style, but it is also possible to reproduce it in the Tuscan style. However, rather than choosing brightly coloured accessories, it is a matter of matching the sober colours already in place in the room. Colours such as olive green and rust red are used in all accessories, whether carpets, cushions or works of art.


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