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Eco Chic with Flordeco : New Amorim collection

Brand new products are entering the Flordeco stores, and we are proud to present the new Amorim Collection. Carbon neutral cork products are added to our in-store selection and here is everything you need to know about these new products.

What is cork?

We all know cork as wine bottle stoppers, but it’s a material with many properties that make it one of the best eco-friendly materials. Cork is natural, it comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is considered a natural material because no tree is cut or damaged during its production. Obtaining cork is done by stripping, that means that the bark of the cork oak is removed, it is then used and transformed to create the cork products that we know. The cork oak bark regenerated every nine years so the same process can be done again without affecting the environment. In addition to wine bottle stoppers, cork is also used as construction material, decoration, design, and flooring.


What are the Amorim Collection products?

Two series of cork from the Amorim Collection are now part of the products sold at Flordeco. The Wicanders and the Amorim Wise, two interesting carbon neutral flooring series, each bringing its own characteristics. Contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases while keeping a fabulous look, that’s being Eco chic with Flordeco! Let us demystify these new products that are worth knowing.


Wicanders - Moonlight - Amorim CollectionWicanders color Moonlight - Amorim Collection

Wicanders is a cork flooring made and ready for real life. Once installed in your home, it will last over time since cork is a durable coating. No matter your lifestyle or your pets, Wicanders will withstand daily wear and tear with no problem since it has a high performance in terms of shock absorption. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, Wicanders is a next level floor covering. These 11 5/8 in. x 35 5/8 in. cork panels offer noice reduction up to 53% and natural thermal insulation, all year round. This is a feature not to be overlooked with our 4-season climate. Cork is known to be a very comfortable flooring material even for people who like to walk barefoot around the house. Guaranteed 25 years, you have time to get tired of Wicanders before it gets tired of you. It is the perfect coating to create a charming and natural atmosphere with its smooth appearance representing cork in its pure state.

Wicanders - Cement - Amorim CollectionWicanders color Cement - Amorim Collection

Amorim Wise

Amorim Wise - Antique White - Amorim CollectionAmorim Wise color Antique White - Amorim Collection

The respect for nature and the reduction of global warming are very important things for Flordeco. We are therefore particularly proud to welcome Amorim Wise to our program, a cork with a PVC-free superior resistance wear layer, a material that allows the balance between us and the environment while offering the advantages of a traditional cork floor. Stain resistant and with a lifetime residential or 10 years commercial warranty, Amorim Wise is an exceptional material in terms of durability, it is a high-end floor covering combining superior quality and an avant-garde appearance, all with remarkable noise reduction. Available in 7.5 in. x 48 in. planks, it offers a design and textured appearance that mimics traditional wood planks. There’s something for everyone, available in 18 colors, Amorim Wise cork flooring completements all styles, in an environmentally friendly way. You have the choice between two appearances, cork with a wood look, the natural beauty of wood mixed with the comfort and qualities of cork or a product with a cork look that can bring a different personality to your floors. Being offered in two distinct looks, you will certainly find the floor to your feet with Amorim Wise.

Amorim Wise - Contempo Loft - Amorim CollectionAmorim Wise color Contempo Loft - Amorim Collection

Do you want to learn more about cork flooring and are you interested in our new Amorim Collection? Visit one of our 37 stores, the Flordeco experts are there to help you and advise you in your choice of floor covering.



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