Bois franc: Le chêne rouge Preverco

Hardwood: Preverco red oak

Hardwood has been a very popular floor covering in homes for several generations. It is indeed a material offering warmth and elegance to all decors. If appropriately installed and maintained properly, hardwood is a very durable floor covering. Although several species are available, in this blog, we will focus on the Preverco red oak.

Red oak appearance

Preverco red oak nuance, matte finish, color DuneNuance appearance, matte finish, color Dune

At Preverco, the red oak is offered in two appearances. You can choose between a “Nuance” appearance and a “Variation with knots” appearance. The “Nuance” appearance or grade offers minor color variations, meaning the boards have a more uniform look while still emphasizing the natural wood aspect. If you choose this grade, you will have a generally knot-free floor because only small, healthy isolated knots are tolerated. If you opt for the “Variation with knots” appearance, you will have a floor with much more pronounced color variations. This grade also offers boards with more visible knots and the wood grain is darker which makes it more visible.

nuance appearance, color natural Variation with knots appearance, color Natural
Nuance appearance, color Natural  Variation with knots appearance, color Natural

Red oak texture

Preverco Red Oak Nuance, Open grain, matte finish, color IceNuance appearance, Open Grain texture, matte finish, color Ice

The Preverco red oak is offered in “Open Grain” or “Brushed” textures. The “Brushed” texture highlights the wood grain, it is also the perfect texture if you have pets at home since it helps to camouflage the appearance of wear on the floors. To the touch, it gives a grainy feeling without being rough and it has a matte finish which absorbs light. If you choose the “Open Grain” texture, if offers a very light brushed appearance and the grain texture helps enhance the beauty of the wood while avoiding giving the floors a rustic look. The “Open Grain” is relatively smooth to the touch and reflects light slightly unlike the “Brushed” texture.

Red oak finish

Preverco Red oak nuance, matte finish, color WhiskyNuance appearance, matte finish, color Whisky

Two finishes are offered at Preverco for the red oak: satin finish or matte finish. The satin finish gives your floors a certain shine without being shiny. In terms of maintenance, this finish requires a little more care, but is still easy to clean. The matte finish, for its part, enhances the look of wood. It is the perfect choice for the busiest rooms in the house, if you have pets or if you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining your floors.

Red oak benefits

Preverco Red Oak variation with knots, brushed texture, matte finish, color smoked-fxVariation with knots appearance, brushed texture, matte finish, color Smoked-FX

Red oak is a very popular wood species due to its many advantageous characteristics. It offers, among other things, an elegant aesthetic, but it also has several practical advantages that make it an excellent choice for your flooring.

Red oak is a very durable wood an one of the hardest on the Janka scale, so it if extremely resistant to daily wear and tear. The appearance of red oak is an advantage in itself, it offers a rich and warm color that goes very well with all decors, whether modern or more traditional. Moreover, the Preverco company has worked in close collaboration with its partners to develop new techniques to reduce the red present in the wood grain of red oak, while retaining its much-appreciated characteristics. The advancement now allows a vast possibility of colors, something which was quite limited in the past! Thanks to this technology, we now have the opportunity to have red oak boards with a look similar to white oak, a species so appreciated by designers and architects for its more modern and artistic effect. Did you know that red oak is also an ecological choice? Wood is a renewable resource and red oak is generally grown sustainably. The trees are cut responsibly, which ensures the sustainability of the forest and make this wood an ecological option for owners looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Preverco red oak nuance, open grain, matte finish, color ice Preverco red oak, variation with knots, matte finish, color London
Nuance appearance, Open Grain texture, matte finish, color Ice Variation with knots appearance, matte finish, color London

Red oak is a popular wood species that offers all sorts of great benefits. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home while benefiting from durable, easy-to-maintain flooring, visit one of the 37 Flordeco stores.

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