Home automation, the art of simplifying life !

Always on the hunt for new trends to improve your comfort and environment? Why not turn directly to technology to simplify your life?

With the help of home automation, it is now possible to program and control, from anywhere in the house, blinds, lighting, ambient temperature, audiovisual as well as camera systems!

Motorized blinds are getting more and more popular and Flordeco is pleased to offer Hunter Douglas’s window coverings. Hunter Douglas, an industry leader, offers a range of possibilities to home decor and technology fanatics.

Still hesitating? Here are two strong arguments in favor of home automation when it comes to window dressing.



The use of home automation is a major development in everyday comfort.

Hence, it is now possible to enjoy shutters that detect the amount of light in each room. According to programmed settings, these flaps will automatically lower once the light is detected.

This technology is very useful to preserve the health of plants or keep the house cool during hot days!


Saving time and money

You can now say goodbye to closing all curtains at night!

Your privacy is guaranteed by smart blinds that closes according to your instructions.

In addition, brightness control, even in the absence of residents, helps to keep track of indoor temperature, resulting in interesting economies in the medium term.


Ready for smart decoration?

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