Style Japandi

The perfect imperfection of the Japandi style: mixing Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese wabisabi.

Combining the functionality of the Scandinavian style with the elegance of a Japanese-style decoration, this is the aim of the Japandi style, which is the latest decoration trend for Nordic design lovers.

Its refined and thoughtful look brings a touch of lightness to Scandinavian rigor. The modern minimalism of the Scandinavian style and the wabi-sabi agree in unison to create the Japandi style.

Wabi-sabi, you say? It is the Japanese aesthetic concept that emphasizes the precepts of Zen and the taste for objects that have aged naturally over time, hence the name "perfect imperfection". The desired aesthetic is a clever combination of old and new textures, minimalism and Japanese refinement.

Like the Scandicraft, the Japandi style is warm, cozy and natural. To adopt a Japandi style choose to use natural materials (wood, glass and metal) and to associate everything with deep and relaxing colors. Charcoal gray, earthy brown or deep green, these refined shades bring a contrasting touch to your interior. The addition of plants contributes to the desired zen look while subtly enhancing the natural materials and coatings used.

So, why not opt ??for Stone One ceramics? Its sleek, uncluttered look is sure to add a Japandi style to your decor, as does the Nuance Birch hardwood floor in the Noblesse collection, which is both minimalist and delicate.

Add a touch of refinement and authenticity, that's the Japandi style. The integration of natural materials, the choice of deep hues and a mix of textures enough to bring serenity and well-being in the house!

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