La plus-value immobilière : Quelles rénovations faire?

The real estate capital gain: What renovations to do?

First, what is a real estate capital gain? In fact, the capital gain represents the difference between the resale price and the purchase price of a property. In the case where the housing is sold more expensive than its purchase price, we speak of capital gain and if it is the opposite case, then we will speak of a capital loss. This is a simple concept to understand. However, what renovations are necessary to increase the added value? This is what we are going to demystify!

Redo the paint

An inexpensive renovation that can make quite a change is simply to repaint your rooms. Indeed, a little faded walls can easily put off a buyer, a fresh and new paint can then make all the difference! Painting is the renovation that generates the best value of money, since it is not very expensive. Don’t go for colors that are too bright. Indeed, go for neutral, soft and bright shades, these will add brightness to your rooms. Little trick, if you ask yourself which finish to use, go for a paint with a matte finish, this allows you to smooth out or even eliminate most of the defects in the plaster. Painting is an interesting renovation since you can to it yourself. Caution! The work must be done well, poorly done cutting is easily spotted…

Renovate the bathroom

Ceramic - Rhombus - Flordeco Collection
Wall Tiles - California - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Rhombus - Flordeco Collection  Wall Tiles - California - Flordeco Collection

If you are planning to renovate, the bathroom is one of the rooms that should not be overlooked. A bathroom that is not up to date can put off buyers and thus reduce the selling price of your home. The more beautiful the bathroom, the grater the chances of seducing future buyers. In addition, the bathroom renovation will return you between 50% and 100% of the amount you have invested in it. However, it is not necessary to invest huge amount in the bathroom. Avoid moving the plumbing at all costs unless it is necessary to do so, the costs can easily become astronomical if you touch it! You can refresh the tiles on the wall, the ceramic on the floor or simply change the sink cabinet. Ceramic is an affordable material that has a very long lifespan. For wall tiles, prefer vertical laying like our California wall tiles, this laying gives an impression of grandeur to your rooms and if you want to add a little originality, opt for atypical format wall tiles like the Rhombus. For floor ceramics, 24x24 or 24x48 tiles like our Alpine and Avenue ceramics are the most popular formats. Avoid flamboyant colors and instead stick to raw effect material and neutral colors that will last over time.

Ceramic - Alpine - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Avenue - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Alpine - Flordeco Collection  Ceramic - Avenue - Flordeco Collection

Renovate the kitchen

Ceramic - Magis - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Trunk - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Magis - Flordeco Collection Ceramic - Trunk - Flordeco Collection 

Being often the central room of the house, a dated kitchen will not attract buyers, they will see the kitchen as an irritant, a long-term project. In the opposite, an up-to-date kitchen will lead future buyers to project themselves into it, it should then be the first room to undergo improvements. Did you know that kitchen renovations are the ones with the best return on investment? Indeed, 75% to 100% of your investment will come back to you. They can, moreover, increase the price of a property by nearly 20%, that’s something! It is, then, a sum wisely spent. However, several experts mention that the maximum amount to invest in a kitchen should never exceed 15% of the value of the renovated property. If your kitchen is functional, only a little refreshment will be necessary. If you need the modernize your kitchen and your ceramic tiles are showing their age, you can change your floors as well as the backsplash. If your kitchen is not very functional, modernize the cabinets, even add an island, they are very popular these days. For renovation projects like the kitchen, avoid self-renovation unless you are a professional yourself. If the work is done poorly, your recuperation percentage will be lower than expected, and if the final look is unprofessional, buyers will quickly see the flaws. To do this, trust our in-store experts.

Wall Tiles - Slash - Flordeco Collection
Wall Tiles - Subway - Flordeco Collection
Wall Tiles - Slash - Flordeco Collection Wall Tiles - Subway - Flordeco Collection

Change the floor coverings

Hardwood Floor - Red Oak V+ Solidclassic Brushed Matte - Noblesse Collection

Hardwood Floor - Red Oak V+ Solidclassic Brushed Matte - Noblesse Collection

If the floors of your home are covered with old flooring that is no longer up to date, a change is in order! If you care removing your current flooring, take this opportunity to bet on quality materials. Hardwood or ceramic floors inevitably add warmth and value to any room. If you are making modifications for the purpose of eventual resale, opt for a product such as vinyl planks and tiles or a white oak effect laminate floor. This way, you get a flashy renovation while preserving your budget! If you already have hardwood floors, do not hesitate to give them a second life, sanding and a new varnish can restore their beauty from the first day. However, be sure to deal with professionals for this type of work. For rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen, If the floors are covered with damaged vinyl sheet or some of the existing ceramic tiles are in bad shape, opt for a beautiful ceramic with an up-to-date taste, our Flordeco collection if full of gorgeous finds! Ina bathroom, a pale ceramic will be preferable, if will make the space brighter, and this is important, especially if the room has no window. In the kitchen, avoid white floor tiles, although they are stunning, they are rather messy. Go for a color that will clean up easily!

Ceramic - Epoque 21 - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Statuario - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Epoque 21 - Flordeco Collection Ceramic - Statuario - Flordeco Collection 

Warning and tips

Wall Tiles - Farrow - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Ragno Realstone Slate - Flordeco
Wall Tiles - Farrow - Flordeco Collection Ceramic - Ragno Realstone Slate - Flordeco Collection 

Originality with this type of renovation can easily become a double-edged sword. Indeed, what pleases one can easily displease another. As mentioned above, make sober choices with materials that will last over time, this is what will be the most effective. Keep the invoices for materials and fees, they will come in handy when it is time to justify the date of the renovations, the costs incurred, and the quality of the work undertaken. Enjoy your renovations, a return on investment is never 100% guaranteed. Take time for yourself to enjoy the new environment you have created for a few years. Experts believe that a 5 year gap between the renovations and the sale of the property is perfect, the rooms will still look like new on the pictures. It is important to remain consistent in the choice of colors and materials, a granite island on a poor-quality floor will not give the desired performance. Finally, remember that you are renovating the create the “wow” effect with bright, open, and airy rooms, a future buyer will get an idea of your home in less than 2 minutes, so you must be in seduction mode!

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