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The floor heating : happiness under the feet!

It’s inevitable: the cold weather is now back, and sometimes conventional heating is not enough during cold winter days. That's why our experts recommend combining aesthetics and utility by incorporating a heated floor to your space, for a much cozier winter. Let's condemn the old slippers, the time has come to enjoy the warmth of heated floors!  

How it works

Heated flooring provides an ideal heating solution for exceptional comfort. This very effective system contains various components, including heating cables that are installed under your choice of flooring. Essentially, this technology increases the temperature of the floor, objects, and ambient air by generating heat from the bottom up. Heated floors can be used as a primary or secondary heating source and are suitable for both new construction and renovation projects.

Operating with water or electricity, the principle is simple and effective. Innovative and energy efficient, they are surely a must for a comfortable winter.

Numerous benefits

In addition to contributing to considerable energy savings, heated floors provide comfort and even heat throughout any room. Easy to install and affordable, the underfloor heating system has a lifespan as long as the liner itself. In addition, unlike localized conventional methods, through a radiator for example, heated floors aren’t likely to diffuse dust. Good news for people with allergies.

To try it is to forget it

Requiring no maintenance, totally invisible and inaudible, heated floors can be forgotten. Working in the shadows, they leave room for furniture, therefore unlimited possibilities in terms of spatial organization. Thus, they contribute to a pleasant and temperate environment. In addition, the system is autonomous and self-monitoring according to weather fluctuations. The entire family will appreciate, from a baby’s first steps to the admiring parents who will be able to relegate their woolen socks to the dungeons. Finally, those cozy winter mornings with the heat at the end of your toes!

Flordeco, specialist in flooring, will serve you and guide you in your many projects regarding heated floors. Need advice? No problem come meet our experts in stores. They will be glad to help you and inspire you. An installation service is even available to simplify your life!

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