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XXL formats for your floor coverings

XXL floor coverings are a growing trend which will not disappear any time soon. The board widths or the tile sizes is a very important design feature to consider when planning and developing your renovation goals. So, why use large dimension flooring and how can they apply into your renovation projects?

A remarkable impact for your living spaces

As a result of their large size, XXL formats create a smooth appearance and a feeling of openness which gives your home a sumptuous effect. Large format tiles or planks provide a clean, sleek and modern aesthetic. They can also blend in well with traditional decor or even be installed in smaller spaces to make them visually larger. Larger size materials are available in a variety of substrates, including wood and porcelain.

Stardust ceramic - Flordeco Collection

Stardust ceramic - Flordeco Collection


Oversized ceramic tiles can be installed on both walls and floors. Installing them in these two areas simultaneously produce a unified look and a sense of depth, thus enlarging your room.

By incorporating hefty floor coverings into your projects, you will be able to increase your design functionality. One of the best XXL format benefits is to minimize joints for a clean and distinguished design. This not only generates a homogeneous appearance, but also results in easier maintenance.


What is XXL floor covering?

Large format flooring was originally limited to commercial establishments such as hotels, shops and restaurants. As the industry continues to experiment and develops new technologies, oversize floor coverings are now employed in residential sectors.

Uptown ceramic - Flordeco Collection

Uptown ceramic - Flordeco Collection


Just a few years ago, a simple 12-inch ceramic tile would have been considered a larger size. Today, the technical definition of a large format tile is anything beyond 24 inches in length. However, what is a large enough format to make a room appear larger than it is but won’t overwhelm your space? The most popular size of 12 "x 24" is a great middle ground advantaging most spaces.

Maple FX knots variations - Noblesse Collection

Maple FX knots variations - Noblesse Collection


Wood floors are also keeping up with this movement, and planks are getting wider and longer than ever. Previously the wood flooring slats were between 21/4 or 3 inches wide at best. Now the slats have 5 inches and 7 inches in width and their sizes may vary depending on the material choice and the selected manufacturer.


Installation criteria

Despite all the benefits that these large-scale materials hold, their installation conditions need to be considered. Their installment could be more hazardous than traditional dimension floors. Special precautions must be taken during transport to reduce breakage. Some tiles or planks may require two people to lift and install them. Floors should be perfectly flat, some floors may be too irregular and out of level for a large format tile or plank to be considered.

Flordeco Experts

Expert advice                

These colossal-sized floor coverings have more installation requirements.  However, they are worth the look! With all the different styles available and technology advancing each year, XXL sizes are beautiful, versatile and certainly here to stay.

Before committing to such an ambitious project, ask our professionals to assess its viability. Our experts have the knowledge to help you make the right choice of materials for your next home improvements. Who would not want to enjoy some peace of mind in addition to a beautiful home?

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