Motifs tendance

Trendy patterns for this spring, or how to contrast a room

Need an interior rejuvenation for this spring? Here are some trendy ideas for adding relief and a touch of originality to the home. Terrazzo, canning, marbling, grooves and rafters are brought to the forefront this season as so many original shapes and materials to dress and vitalize the house!


The terrazzo

Back again this year, the terrazzo is originally from Venice region of Italy, whether as a floor or wall covering, or applied to furniture or decorative accessories. Ancient material, the terrazzo is composed of a multitude of fragments of natural stones and marble colored and agglomerated with cement, offering endless possibilities for an elegant and raw aesthetic that blends perfectly with a hardwood floor or a concrete vinyl floor.

For example, the terrazzo can be easily accommodated to the Canyon EFS vinyl floor of the Altitude collection (left) as well as the Merisier Nuance hardwood floor of the Noblesse collection (right)!

Vinyle Planks - Canyon EFS - Altitude Collection
Hardwood Floor - Birch Nuance - Noblesse Collection



Unmissable in the 1970s, canning makes a comeback to fit into any style of decoration, according to the tend to use natural materials to brighten its interior. Knowledgeable, alloy of modernity and tradition, this technical weaving the rattan invites itself on all the furniture of the house: armchairs, light fixtures, tables or headboards. Its authenticity allows it to adapt to many different styles, while ensuring durability and longevity through its robustness and lightness.

It blends perfectly with a wooden floor covering or furniture that uses noble textures like velvet. Thereby the Maple Tradition floor of our Chrysalis Distinction collection will be an ally of choice in order to give a room an old-world charm thanks to the addition of this type of furniture.


Harwood Floor - Maple Distinct - Expression Collection

The mottled pattern

Derived from limestone, marble is a noble and sophisticated metamorphic rock, long considered a material reserved for a prestigious market. Now accessible to all purses, the marble and its ribs are spread on different supports: worktops, wallpapers, floor coverings. Often referred to as cold matter, marble is nevertheless warm and harmonious when combined with wood, brass and copper

Choosing Florence porcelain ceramic is one of the best ways to bring a marble effect to your living room.


Ceramic - Florence - Flordeco Collection

Grooves and rafters: Art deco pattern

Rich in a wide variety of influences, the Art Deco style draws its inspiration from surrealism, orientalism and traditional French styles. Promoting elegant and sophisticated motifs, we note the return in force of this striking style: simple geometrical motifs are invited in the house to give personality and character to your interior.

We notably found grooves, a timeless pattern and all embossed elements that are available in several materials and colours. These grooves can be opened to form a claustra, a wooden wall that allows to partition without losing in brightness: a process that ideally connects with a hardwood floor of walnut or raw oak.


So, why not choose a Walnut Tradition hardwood floor from the Chrysalis collection or the Colonial Oak wood floor from the Sublimo collection?


Wall Tiles - Herringbone

Another art deco pattern revamped, the rafters majestically installs in an interior to come to dress both wood and ceramics. The rafters can be integrated by discrete hints, and is also available on the ground, whether it’s a vinyl or hardwood floor, it’s sublimated especially when used in parquet floors point of Hungary.

Associated with contemporary materials such as metal or leather, it brings contrast and modernity to a room, while its use in an industrial atmosphere warms up this raw and metallic style by a touch of natural wood.

These patterns inspire you and you want to integrate them into your home? Find all the products mentioned above in the Products section of our web page or visit one of our 46 stores to meet our experts Flordeco: ceramic, hardwood or floating floor, vinyl and carpet, they will give you good advice so that your ideas come to life!

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