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Coatings to be preferred in 2020

The arrival of a new year is always the perfect time to start fresh and carry out projects that are close to your heart! In renovation, it is also the time to discover new and more modern trends, simplistic and authentic that will inspire you in the creation of your most unique decorations.  For a most successful decor, it is essential to choose the right coating. On the floor or on the wall, the cladding makes a big difference to the atmosphere in the room. Do you have renovation projects planned for 2020? Here are three types of coatings to choose from in your decor.

1. Chasing the natural, it will come back in a hurry

Over the past decade, wood covering has often been overlooked as it was less suited to the purist and perfectionist style of the decor. Today, wood is making a big comeback in the house because of the warmth, softness and rustic appearance it brings to a room. This natural material has everything to please! Indeed, whether in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, wood flooring adapts well thanks to its multiple formats and colours. Choosing wood means choosing to add a touch of authenticity and calm to a daily life sometimes very hectic.


It is important to know that the range of choices is infinite with this material! Do you want to keep a more sober look? Why not choose the Nuance Birch hardwood floor in its Sierra colour from the Noblesse collection. Do you prefer a softer look? The light shades of Blake from the Urbania collection and Nuance Inox Birch from the Noblesse collection will soothe you.


In addition to the human warmth it gives off, wood has the advantage of matching with many colours, whether they are alive like cobalt blue or delicate like olive green. It's all about taste and balance!

Birch shade Sierra - Noblesse collection

Birch shade Sierra - Noblesse collection

Blake - Urbania collection

Blake - Urbania collection

Birch shade Inox - Noblesse collection

Birch shade Inox - Noblesse collection


 2. Daring to stand out

As raw materials continue to increase in popularity, concrete is a small new product that is attracting more and more attention. Perceived as a cold coating, concrete has long only been considered as an industrial material. Nowadays, its use allows the creation of a chic industrial style decoration, very trendy in urban housing. Thanks to its durability and resistance to everyday activities, this coating can be applied to walls and floors. Its neutral colour offers greater freedom;wooden furniture, large plants or knick-knacks that tell a story are just some examples of the decorative possibilities offered by choosing a concrete-looking covering.

For floor application, you may be inspired by Sunstone concrete-look porcelain from the Flordeco collection that will bring a certain chic to your kitchen.  If wall application is more appealing to you, don't hesitate to choose Champlain wall covering from the Inspiration Design collection. Wherever you apply it, the concrete aspect will clearly become a key element of your modern decor!

Sunstone - Flordeco collection

Sunstone - Flordeco collection

Champlain - Inspiration Design

Champlain - Inspiration Design


3. Daring to stand out

Another popular coating for 2020 is vinyl. This coating quickly made its way into Quebec homes throught the ease of installation, its high resistance to water and damage as well as its comfort for the foot.The main advantage of vinyl is its versatility. Indeed, this coating can mimic the finishes and textures of many other materials such as wood or ceramic, and at a lower price! Interesting, isn't it? Whether you want to create a sleeker look in the bathroom or a more rustic look in the bedroom, vinyl will satisfy you.

Thus, you will be tempted to try the Bromley coating from the H20 Flor collection and its wood-like finish or rather EFS Canyon from the Altitude collection imitating mineral materials.

Canyon EFS - Altitude Collection

Canyon EFS - Altitude Collection

Vinyle Bromley - H2O Flor Collection

Vinyle Bromley - H2O Flor Collection

Do you feel inspired? Find all the products mentioned above on our website or visit one of our 45 stores to meet our Flordeco experts. They will be able to advise you in order to help you choose the ideal coatings for a most successful result!

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