La céramique: Pourquoi choisir ce revêtement ?

Ceramic: Why choose this coating?

First, what is ceramic? Ceramic is a material made from clay and natural rocks. This is why there are so many variations! The mineral substances used for its creation are subjected to extreme pressure and a very high temperature, which makes it one of the most resistant materials. Here’s why ceramic is a wise choice for your home!

Ceramic is a durable, resistant and stable choice

Ceramic is a material that lasts well over time. Indeed, a ceramic coating will not deform, so it can remain in good condition for many years. The tiles easily resist wear and temperature variations. When properly installed, ceramic tile will last longer than many other floor coverings. In addition to resisting water and humidity, ceramic tiles are also resistant to heat and fire. Resistant to daily wear, mold, and bacteria, it quickly becomes a more than interesting coating.

Ceramic is a versatile choice

Ceramic adapts easily to all rooms and environments. It can be installed on walls, floors and more. Gone are the days when ceramics was only used in kitchens and bathrooms. You can now put ceramic in your bedroom or living room. Different looks are now offered to you, imitation stone ceramic, wood, marble, terrazzo, and more are on the market.


Evolve Wall Tiles & Advance Ceramic - Flordeco Collection

           Wall Tiles - Evolve - Flordeco Collection                                Ceramic - Advance - Flordeco Collection

Long known in our kitchens, ceramic is often used as flooring as well as for backsplashes, but did you know that it can also be used on countertops? Not afraid of hot dished and scratches, it can be the ideal covering. Furthermore, it is important to respect the standards for this type of installation, consult a Flordeco adviser for all the details. Thanks to its many formats, finishes and styles, you can obtain a counter that reflects your image. Little trick, choose a large-format ceramic to avoid multiple grout joints and maintain an easy maintenance.

Living room

Italwood & Living Ceramic - Flordeco Collection

                 Ceramic - Italwood - Flordeco Collection                                Ceramic - Living - Flordeco Collection

Wood is often the first idea for a living room, however, there are now imitation wood ceramics that are to be mistaken. Being often less expensive and less difficult to maintain than wood, ceramic becomes a very good choice. It will give a warm atmosphere to your room without the disadvantages of wood. Don’t be afraid of scratches left by chair legs, children’s toys, or your pets!


Burlingstone Ceramic & Rainbow Wall Tiles - Flordeco Collection

             Ceramic - Burlingstone - Flordeco Collection                         Wall Tiles - Rainbow - Flordeco Collection

Another well-known place for ceramics is the bathroom or the shower room. Being waterproof, ceramic tiles are ideal in a room with water and humidity. Depending on the style you want to give your bathroom, go with colored wall tiles, they will make the place unique. Large floor tiles, on the other hand, will expand the space if you find that your bathroom seems too cramped.


Jolie & H24 Ceramic - Flordeco Collection

                         Ceramic - Jolie - Flordeco Collection                                Ceramic - H24 - Flordeco Collection

Some will dare to try a ceramic floor or wall in the bedroom. Giving a little modern look to the room you can opt for an imitation concrete ceramic floor, if the cold floors scare you, install them on the wall to create an accent wall in you room.

Ceramic is an easy-care and hygienic choice

Ceramic - Sempre - Flordeco Collection

Ceramic - Sempre - Flordeco Collection

Ceramic is one of the most hygienic coating choices. It does not retain odors, does not stain, and is very easy to maintain with products commonly used at home. When installed on the floor, a little vacuuming and mopping is more than enough to keep your tiles as clean as new. In addition, if one of the tiles on your floor gets scratched or breaks, it will be very easy to replace it with a new tile. This is a major advantage because other types of coatings often require complete replacement when a small part is damaged.

Ceramic is an ideal coating for heated floor

Anima & York Ceramic - Flordeco Collection

                     Ceramic - Anima                                 Ceramic - York                                    Ceramic - Epoque

Despite the inconvenience of the freshness of ceramics products, the solution is simple, add a heated floor. Contrary to popular belief, a heated floor is a good investment! Thanks to it, the floor not only becomes comfortable, but it can also become an ambient heating of the room, so electric baseboards are no longer necessary. Did you know? Ceramic is the most efficient product for the conductivity of the heating wire, it allows a faster and optimal heat diffusion!

Come and visit us in store, we have a huge selection of ceramics and wall tiles, you will certainly find a model to your liking. In addition, our merchants are always present to accompany and advise you.

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