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Renovate your bathroom : which coating to choose ?

In recent years, the bathroom has become a key part of the house, accompanying

its occupants in their daily routine. Today, in addition to being practical and functional, the trend is to have an aesthetic bathroom in which it is good to spend time, whether to relax on a Saturday night or prepare for speed on a Monday morning. The achievement of this harmonious balance depends on several elements, but the chosen coating remains fundamental in the creation of the result. Do you plan to renovate your bathroom soon? Here are three tips to inspire you in selecting the perfect cover for your project.


1. Stay simple first

Unlike other rooms in the house, the bathroom does not have to be too busy; it should rather maintain a refined style. To achieve this, it is recommended to choose simple colors such as black and white, which offer a magnificent contrast while giving a "chic" look to the room. The current trend is to opt for darker colors on the floor such as black, dark gray and even some shades of brown, then combine it with lighter colored walls. Thereby, you could be attracted to classics like the ceramic Avenue of the Florenzo collection or Abelia the loose lay vinyl sheet of the Contemporia collection. Both will bring a modern style to your bathroom.

However, simplicity does not prevent creativity: it is only a question of balancing! By choosing a softer flooring, you can easily add small plants or colorful accessories that will bring a touch of life in the room without overloading it.



Avenue Ceramic - Florenzo Collection

Avenue Ceramic - Florenzo Collection                 


2. Dare wall coverings

The use of a wallcovering can also be part of the modern style currently demand in a bathroom. Alone or combined with flooring such as ceramic, coverings wall undoubtedly brings a touch of originality while giving an impression of height to the room. A valuable benefit for small bathrooms!

Briquette Nocture - Inspiration Design Collection

 Briquette Nocture - Inspiration Design Collection

You’ve always dreamed of a brick wall, but can’t find the perfect room in which to affix it? Perhaps you haven’t considered the bathroom and yet the result is remarkable with the Nocture briquette from the Inspiration Design collection.

 In addition, do not hesitate to test different colors of grout with your tiles, since they can have a significant impact on the final look of the room. For example, using a darker grout shade with light-colored tiles can give the whole a vintage style, while with a white grout, it will rather standardize the room. The possibilities are endless, everything depends on what you are looking for.


3. Choose comfort, it's possible

Vinyl, the new favorite flooring for households, is now becoming a household flooring fashion thanks to its versatile style and its many benefits. In addition of being durable and easy to install, vinyl is highly water resistant and requires little maintenance. Unlike ceramics and tile, this coating gives the room a certain warmth by being less cold for the feet, providing optimal comfort while maintaining a clean style. Whether imitating the finish and textures of wood or stone, the vinyl will deliver results that exceed your expectations without exploding your budget. So, why not opt for a Bromley vinyl floor from the H2O Flor collection in your future bathroom?


Vinyle Bromley - H20 Flor Collection

Vinyle Bromley - H20 Flor Collection

Do you feel inspired? Find all the products mentioned above on our website or visit one of our 46 stores to meet our experts Flordeco. Whether you choose a sleek or more comfortable style, they will advise you on the coatings that interest you to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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