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Bathroom: How to get a spa look?

Our lives are getting busier, and we all deserve a little resting moment! It is possible to transform your bathroom into a small haven of relaxation to get away from the everyday life. Treat yourself to tranquility with a spa-like bathroom. By following the next tips, you will be able to create a bathroom that will inspire relaxation and allow you to recharge your batteries, right in your home.

The colors

Wall tiles - Aquarelle Oval - Flordeco Collection Ceramic - Reload - Flordeco Collection
Wall tiles Aquarelle Oval in color Greige Ceramic Reload in color White 

The choice of colors for your bathroom is a crucial step that will quickly determine the atmosphere that will reign there. When choosing colors, consider a palette that will be easy on the eyes and align with the calm, relaxing vibe you want to give the room. White in all its variations is a simple and effective choice, but you can also opt for neutral and warm colors. For example, beige, light grey, cream, and taupe are also great options for your walls or your choice of floor coverings. If you want to have a touch of color in your bathroom, opt for a “seaside” atmosphere that will inspire freshness with shades of blue and turquoise. If you want to adopt a color, but fear the implication, go for colorful accessories such as vases, towels, carpets, etc. This way, when you get tired of that accent color, it will be easier to change it.

Ceramic - Glocal - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic - Gatsby - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic Glocal in color Type Ceramic Gatsby in color Martini

Choice of materials

Vinyl Planks - Belgrade - Altitude Collection
Ceramic - Koru - Flordeco Collection
Vinyl Planks Belgrade in color Caraway  Ceramic Koru in colors Apple & Peach

When we think of the spa look, wood definitely comes to mind. It is a material that creates a warm atmosphere while remaining minimalist. Bathrooms are often cold and severe; the addition of wood certainly softens the room. However, we are all very aware that wood and humidity do not mix! Choose water-resistant materials like wood-effect ceramic or vinyl planks. To ensure that the chosen flooring is suitable for a bathroom, please contact a Flordeco expert. He will be able to advise you! You can also install wood-effect ceramic tile on one of your bathroom walls to provide the desired visual effect while ensuring hygiene and durability.

If you work with a smaller room, we advise you to continue tiling from the floor to the ceiling. A continuous clear floor-to-ceiling covering will enlarge the room and give an effect of grandeur.

Ceramic - Cool - Flordeco Collection Ceramic - Argenta Black Peak - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic Cool in color Ghost Ceramic Argenta Black Peak in color Grey 

To give a spa effect to your bathroom, opt for materials with a noble effect. There is no need to affix marble or granite! Adopt a ceramic with a raw material effect such as stone, wood, or marble. You will have a touch of luxury and a bathroom with a sophisticated look for a fraction of the price while making sure to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, as ceramic tiles are durable and easy to maintain, the renovations undertaken will last over time.

Ceramic - Lamarca - Flordeco CollectionCeramic Lamarca in color Onyx Nuvolato

The sink cabinet

The sink cabinet is an important part of the spa look bathroom. First, hang your furniture, this way the flooring will extend to the wall and your room will appear larger and more open. Choose furniture in neutral and sober colors or wood effect furniture. If it is possible, go with open storage. When the cabinet is open, store only easily organized items such as towels or use baskets to put the less convenient to dispose products.

Ceramic - Stardust - Flordeco Collection Ceramic - Epoque 21 - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic Stardust in color Moon Ceramic Epoque 21 in color Veria Green

Nothing better than a clean and tidy bathroom vanity. For a spa look, declutter the counters, anything not necessary on a day-to-day basis, put them away! Avoid overloading the spaces to leave the room airy and peaceful. Anything left on the surfaces should be place aesthetically. You can use glass jars, wicker baskets and more to dispose of leftover items.

The luminosity

Ceramic - Wales - Flordeco Collection Ceramic - Hexagono - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic Wales in color Grey  Ceramic Hexagono in color Dark Marble

Not all of us are lucky enough to have nice big windows in our bathrooms. If so, maximize the entry of natural light. A frosted film or frosted glass for your windows will allow you to let the light in while maintaining some privacy. If you do not have a window in your room, a soft and less aggressive light will be appropriate. White bulbs are to be forgotten while dimmers are your best friends.

The greenery

Wall tiles - Jubilee - Flordeco CollectionWall tiles Jubilee in color Green

Plants are an important part of creating a spa-like bathroom. They will help create a healthy and lively environment. Whether it’s a vertical garden or potted plants, the plants chosen to go in a bathroom must be robust, they must require little light and be made to endure humidity. If you opt for potted plants, consider hanging them to create an “indoor jungle” effect.

The accessories

Ceramic - Maku - Flordeco Collection Ceramic - Evoluta - Flordeco Collection
Ceramic Maku in color Sand Ceramic Evoluta in color Natural Modern

No more mismatched and faded cotton towels, new cotton towels or ones made of fluffy materials are a must. Nothing says spa like sumptuous, fluffy towels. For your bathmat, opt for a bamboo or cotton mat, both materials easily absorb water and humidity and create a feeling of comfort and warmth. If you want to increase your storage capacity, do so with a towel ladder or well-arranged baskets.

Heated floors

Ceramic - Argenta Powder - Flordeco CollectionCeramic Argenta Powder in color Tortora

The ultimate in comfort? A heated floor! With our North American climate, heated floors are a game changer in a bathroom. Your feet also deserve to be comforted, a warm floor after the shower or bath is always something much appreciated!


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