Blinds and panels, all to embellish your windows

The days when blinds and panels only served to obscure and create intimacy in an interior is now over! Practical and modern, blinds and panels return to the front of the stage. Indeed, dressing a window is important in the comfort and harmony of your home. Whether your choice is a blind or a panel, it is possible to structure and frame your window to include it in the decorative style of your home.



Californian or with alternating slats, the blind offers a wide range of possibilities, depending on the style and the desired use. Perfectly suited for large windows, the California blind (or blind vertical stripes) has the undeniable advantage of being able to accommodate the outdoor luminosity with its adjustable fabric or PVC strips. Custom manufacturing, the California blind can also be adapted to more complex shapes, highlighting its all-encompassing character and ease to use!

For example, the California blinds Silhouette, from our Hunter Douglas Collection fits perfectly into a bay window with its clean, sleek design. Trend, the alternating slats (or alternative blind) is composed of a succession of opaque and translucent fabrics.

Modern and lightweight, it adapts to your desires: the opaque strips are superimposed or alternated depending on whether you want to get more privacy or bring light into a room. Thus, the Ambio stores in the Altex collection will allow you to hide or illuminate your home as you wish!

Ambio products | Altex

Ambio products | Altex


Smart blinds

Why not choose the installation of smart blinds? Recognized for their energy efficiency, they can be programmed according to your desires: depending on the sunrise and sunset, or in the middle of a sunny day, to reduce the outdoor brightness. In addition, smart blinds are compatible with a smart home! They allow you to create a unique personalized experience that connects the entire home and allows you to control your blinds from your cellphone.

Choosing the Hunter Douglas collection smart blinds means choosing a shade that suits all seasons and, above all, all your needs!

Smart blinds | Hunter Douglas

Smart blinds | Hunter Douglas


Practical, functional and modern, the shades are a decorative object apart whole. Coming from Europe, the trend is developing in all textiles and all patterns to give soul to a living room. A tip: to make your choice timeless, it is advisable to dress its windows with a shade reminiscent of a color already present in the room. The shades are available according to the degree of opacity desired in rolled, folded or solar rolls. The common point between these three models? They remain very economical and easy to maintain!

Depending on your desires and needs, you could opt for the solar shade from our Altex collection or opaque rollerblade, as well as the Carsan Collection shade with its subtle and elegant pattern.

Canvas | Altex
Opaque canvas | Altex
Canvas | Carsan
           Canvas | Altex Opaque canvas | Altex                Canvas | Carsan



Sliding panels

Combining beauty and privacy, sliding panels (or Japanese panels) complement the large windows and are ideal for filtering daylight and structure your living space. Composed of fabric panels and fixed on a sliding rail, their ease of use is no longer to prove!

Various graphic models will allow you to change your panels according to your desires and to bring a unique personal touch to the dressing of your windows.

Usually in large and immovable format, the panels know how to reinvent themselves and adopt an original boat-like sail, like the Ambiance sliding panels.

Sliding panels | Ambiance collection

Sliding panels | Ambiance collection

To find all the products mentioned and discover all our new products, go to the Windows section of our website or come meet our Flordeco experts in store, they will guide you in your choice of blind or panel to make your home a cozy nest adapted to your desires.

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