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2021 Trends

New year = new trend! Discover all the most coveted products and dare to add them to your decor.


Say Yes to Tone-on-tone!

Often avoided by several specialists in recent years, accessories and tone-on-tone coverings interior designs are extremely present this year. Neutral tones, mostly beige hues, are found in the trendiest decors.

Bright white and gray have been replaced by beige, champagne and off-white. These versatile and warm colors can be used in many places in your home as part of your flooring, paint and accessories. Do not hesitate to layer several shades of beige, it’s very stylish!


Ceramic - Rhombus - Flordeco Collection

Natural Materials, Everywhere.

Natural materials are on everyone's lips and floors this year. People are looking for a warm and inviting living space and raw elements create this type of atmosphere. These are reflected by pale matte hardwood floors.

These natural materials can also be defined using ceramic that mimics natural stones or slate. This year, we are looking to highlight raw component interior designs, which include flooring and furniture, as well as deco items.

Hardwood floor - Maple Harmony Grade - Mitis Collection

The Return of Terracotta.

Watchword this year, neutrality. Beige is making a marked comeback in our decors and yes, this subtle and timeless shade has not had its last word. In addition, as we seek to prioritize natural materials, the return of terracotta is a must.

Terracotta is present in different ceramic styles and recalls earthy colors by its magnificent brown and reddish hues.

Available in different types of flooring such as ceramic, laminate and vinyl, these products will coordinate perfectly with your beige, white, brown or black accessories.

Ceramic - Rebel - Flordeco Collection

Unique and Inviting Home Office!

Now a norm, having a home office is necessary for most people. Why not create a peaceful and comfortable space to work long hours in the comfort of our residence.

On the wall where your office is located, add wall covering or even wall tiles, to create a distinctive effect and make this room inviting.

Mediterranean Style, Travel from Home.

As there will be fewer trips this year, why not change the scenery to travel from home. The Mediterranean style is currently trendy and gives you the opportunity to add a little overseas touch to your decor without undertaking major renovations.

Ceramic - Overlay - Flordeco Collection


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