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Broc'Arty trend : timeless and warm

While today the environment is a priority, the concept of recovery is being promoted in all spheres of life. The field of decoration is also following the trend with the appearance of a trend that values the reuse of antique furniture and accessories: Broc'Arty. Combining modern style with traditional style, Broc'Arty allows you to create pieces that are both chic and rustic while revisiting the past with its vintage side. This trend inspires you? Follow these three tips to integrate it into your home.


  1. Opt for a natural look


Broc’Arty seeks first and foremost to focus on the furniture and accessories that make up a room rather than on the walls or floor. They must remain more sober in order to keep attention on the story that is told by the objects. For this reason, it is important to favour the use of lighter colours such as light grey and eggshell white on the walls as well as softer colours on the floor. This does not prevent you from adding a touch of colour, if it matches the whole and does not harm the natural appearance of the room.

To add to the natural look, it is advisable to use wood on the floor. In fact, it is a matter of choosing a type of wood that will bring out the contrast between the old and more modern style of the room. Patterns and excessive colour variations should therefore be avoided in this type of decoration.

Maple natural grade | Sublimo collection

Maple natural grade | Sublimo collection   

Torrese | Contemporia collection

Torrese | Contemporia collection

So, why not choose the Torrese wood-look loose lay vinyl sheet from the Contemporia collection or the natural grade Maple hardwood floor from the Sublimo collection? Available in lighter shades, these two models will highlight all your discoveries.


  1. Add a touch of authencity

In addition to the natural look, the Broc'Arty trend places great importance on authenticity. This decorative concept is mainly felt when raw materials are used in a part. Whether it is by adding antique wooden furniture, small metal decorations found in antique shops or even new wall coverings, these materials will bring a unique touch and embellish the house.

Moreover, it isn’t forbidden to combine a floor covering with a wall; it is simply necessary to keep in mind the balance necessary to respect the essence of the Broc'Arty style. 

London Brick | Maestro collection

London Brick | Maestro collection


For example, you could very well use the London Brick from the Maestro collection, sunset color, on one of the walls of your living room to bring the rustic back into your more elegant room.


  1. Telling a story

To make a successful piece in the Broc'Arty style, the key is above all to arrange it well in a modern and traditional way! Knowing that style requires the use of antique furniture and accessories for a vintage touch, this is the time to use this old rocking chair or this large wooden chest that has been left to you. Otherwise, don't hesitate to visit the flea markets, you will find lots of things at low prices!

Be careful, don't throw away your more modern furniture! Rather, it's about combining the two styles to create a completely new and unique style that tells your story.

Griffin | Nürug collection

Griffin | Nürug collection


All accessories, large and small, are welcome. Artist's canvases, porcelain vases, trinkets and others all recall an anecdote or a memory. A carpet like the Griffin from the Nürug collection also adds very well to the decor as it brings a certain charm to the room.


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