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2019 trends

This year, the simple and minimalist style is all the rage.

Overloaded and cluttered rooms are now over! You should now go ahead and finally clean up to make room for simplicity. White, gray and black are also very trendy. For 2019, we seek to realize certain trends and apply them to our decor.

This new trend seeks to reconnect with the simplistic materials of olden times, such as wood with its natural look as well as fresh white porcelain. We want our guests to be impressed by our room’s neutrality.


How to achieve it?

Dare for natural hardwood floors with well-defined knots. This type of flooring goes well with everything, from white, gray, black or even colored walls! Wood’s natural look is timeless, our grandparents will confirm that trends always seem to come back. Indeed, we seek to return to the sources of this material and bring it back to life in our homes. The natural hardwood color is far from ordinary, it brings out all the little details from the material itself and offers a unique result. Discover our different collections of hardwood to get the right product for your decor.

White and gray detailed ceramics match extremely well with any decor. These multipurpose tiles amaze us every time. Wood imitation tiles also allow you to easily replicate hardwood flooring and are still very trendy this year. Once again, our wide selection of products offers you a variety of porcelain ceramics, mosaics and large tiles, we have everything for your projects.

You would love to change your room’s look without embarking on major renovations? We have a solution for you! Our custom rugs will allow you to personalize your room with a unique look. These made-to-measure rugs will fit perfectly with your decor and create a tailored effect.

Finally, the minimalist and uncluttered look is far from being synonym of an empty and no personality space. On the contrary, it’s rather useful and pleasant. Why not decorate your room with everyday practical elements. Therefore, your decor will have a beautiful look in addition to being practical and effective.

Looking for inspiration?

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