Top 6 des carreaux tendance pour la salle de bain

Top 6 Trendy Tiles For the Bathroom

Thinking of renovating the bathroom? There are so many varieties in terms of shape, color and texture that choosing ceramic tile for this kind of project is usually quite a challenge. Previously, porcelain was mainly used for its functional advantages, therefore its resistance to water, its durability and its ease of maintenance. Today, aesthetic impact is just as important as function. That's why we've identified the top 6 trendy bathroom tile patterns to get your creative juices flowing!

Ceramic - New Vintage

Graphic Pattern Tiles

Affixed to the floor or the wall, these ceramic patterns are perfect for the bathroom. Whether in soft subtle hues or bold contrasting colors, these intricate patterns are sure to catch the eye for a totally successful look! This trend is first on our list as this type of graphic patterned porcelain will continue to grow in popularity. Dare to introduce an eclectic decor in the bathroom.

Ceramic - Subway Essential - Flordeco Collection

Neutral Tiles

A neutral palette is ideal for brightening up a space and bringing your bathroom to life, which means it could soon become your favorite room in the house! The bathroom is a place to rest and colors such as gray, beige or cream are representative of relaxation. By being neutral, they allow the mind to remain calm and peaceful. Whatever your decorative tastes, there are many ways to use this kind of ceramic that will remain trendy over time.

Ceramic - Jubilee Hex - Flordeco Collection

Ceramic - Jubilee Hex - Flordeco Collection

Geometric Tiles

The hexagon is one shape that has been popping up lately. Hexagon tiles in the bathroom create a unique and different appearance. Used on an accent wall, they create a bold pivot from the rest of the bathroom. These help to improve the perception of space, especially when paired well with neutral colors.

Ceramic - Koru - Flordeco Collection

Ceramic - Koru - Flordeco Collection

Wood Look Tiles

Real wood presents major difficulties when used in bathrooms and is generally not recommended. Imitation wood porcelain tiles are the solution, as they are perfect for the bathroom without sacrificing the aesthetics of the desired design. This ceramic provides an organic feel and adds an unexpected touch. Wood-look tiles pair beautifully with any material and bring a warm, yet sophisticated appeal to your bathroom. The combinations are numerous, let your imagination run wild!

Ceramic - Lamarca - Flordeco Collection

Ceramic - Lamarca - Flordeco Collection

Marble Patterns

Give your bathroom a clean, luxurious look that doesn't lack character with a marble pattern tiling. The differences in veining and subtle color shades provide an attractive overall look. These neutral finishes allow the natural beauty of marble to shine through at its best. Opt for a high-end look at a reasonable budget.

Ceramic - Frammenti - Flordeco Collection

Ceramic - Frammenti - Flordeco Collection

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo-style tiles bring texture, color and individuality to a bathroom, while being incredibly practical and durable. With the ability to create any color combination, you're sure to find a match to your existing or planned décor. The somewhat retro speckled appearance of this porcelain is destined to remain one of the most popular decorating ideas. 


Which tile will you choose?

Whether you want a wood, marble or a timeless look, a multitude of choices are available. Embrace the hottest trends and give your bathroom an unparalleled stylish appearance. Need inspiration? No problem! We have tons of new design ideas. Search our ceramics online or contact our experts in stores. We are here to help you successfully complete your bathroom renovation.  

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