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Tips and tricks : Hardwood maintenance

The most beautiful of floors Hard wood floors create a beautiful, rich finish.  Their maintenance requires  attention and prevention.

  • In order to preserve the natural beauty of the wood, never wash the floors with water or use a soap, detergent, oil-based soap or any other cleaning product destined for other surfaces.


  • FlorDeco recommends that you use Saniten's eco-friendly N200. This no-rinse, non-residue product is available in spray and concentrated formulas.  You can purchase it at FlorDeco retailers.


  • Protect wood with a rug, especially in entry ways, this will prevent dirt and humidity from coming into the room.  Do not use rubber or plastic mats, or those with a foam backing that can discolour the floor. Opt for an approved non-slip pad that you can install under the rug.  


  • Sponge up all spills immediately. If a liquid has dried, clean using a cloth or a scouring pad dampened with a cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Slide a blanket or rug (turned over) under your furniture before carefully moving it around the room. Install felt pads under your furniture legs to protect your floor from scratches.


  • Flooring with a polyurethane finish can not be waxed. To revive the floor's shine apply a coat of polyurethane varnish. Look for a good quality product to ensure that wood does not yellow.


  • Avoid walking on hard wood floors in high heels.  These can quickly mark and damage your floors. 

Do not hesitate to consult our in-store experts for more information.

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