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Tips and trick : ceramic maintenance

 A surface's long-lasting life depends upon its maintenance


Ceramic is a durable and easy to maintain floor covering. Tiles that adhere properly produce a high-quality surface that can last for years. The life of a ceramic surface is dependent on its use and the maintenance and attention it is given.

  • For minor stains, wash the ceramic surface with hot water.


  • Add a ceramic detergent as needed. FlorDeco suggests you use Saniten's N300. This gentle cleaner leaves no residue on tiles.


  • For cleaning tile grout, FlorDeco recommens N305. The product is diluted for regular cleaning or concentrated for deep cleaning. You can purchase both products at FlorDeco retailers.


  • A moderately abrasive scouring powder can be used on unglazed tiles only. Never use abrasive products on glazed tiles.


  • Rinse well and wipe away excess water with a cloth or damp mop to dry the floor.


  • Dust and sand can increase the abrasion connected to foot traffic. Keep the floor clean and install a doormat at the entrance of the room to keep dirt from entering.  


  • Only use cleaning products created for ceramic. Heavy-duty acidic detergents can damage ceramic finish or the tile grout. 


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