Carreaux à mur: Que devriez-vous choisir ?

Wall tiles : What should you choose?

In 2024, show boldness. creativity, and extravagance, it is important this year to let your imagination run wild and express it in your decor. Wall tiles trends echo this movement, let us guide you and illustrate each of these new trends.

What color wall tiles to choose?

Although neutral colors are always a possible avenue, this year we are going out of the ordinary and want to add dynamism to the decor of our homes by adding color! Here are some trendy colors that can be integrated into your home.


Pink in soft tones is very trendy. This color offers a joyful and tender atmosphere to the rooms where it is added, combine it with silver metallic accessories and pale wood for an even softer visual effect. Our Babele, La Riviera and Nador wall tiles are perfect choices for a little pink touch.

Carreaux à mur - Babele
Carreaux à mur - La Riviera (Rose)
Carreaux à mur - Nador (Rose)
Babele in Pink La Riviera in Pink
Nador in Pink


Blue in almost all its variations offers a touch of freshness an gives a clean look to rooms. This color soothes and leaves us with a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Midnight blue is particularly present this year and unlike other shades of blue, this one will offer character and depth to your room. For blue wall tiles, let yourself be charmed by our Slim, Multiforme and Rainbow series which offer you different blue variations.

Carreaux à mur - Slim (Concept Crépuscule) Carreaux à mur - Multiforme (Agata) Carreaux à mur - Rainbow (Bleu Océan)
Slim in Concept Twilight
Multiforme in Agata
Rainbow in Ocean Blue 


Nothing rhymes with dynamism more than yellow! This offers an effect of light and an illusion of space perfect for smaller rooms such as the bathroom. Add touches of yellow to your home, I will give a boost of energy and add life to your decor. Pair it with black, white, terracotta or wood! For yellow tiles, let yourself be tempted by our Costa Nova and Jubilee wall tiles.

Carreaux à mur - Costa Nova (Jaune) Carreaux à mur - Jubilee (Ocre)
Costa Nova in Yellow
Jubilee in Ocher


This year, traditional shades of green are being put aside to highlight shades of olive green, sage or even forest green! Green is calming, symbolizes luck and reminds us of nature. By adding green to your decor, you will create a reassuring atmosphere where a feeling of relaxation will reign. Relax with our Jubilee, Rainbow, and Aquarelle ceramics!

Carreaux à mur - Jubilee (Vert) Carreaux à mur - Rainbow (Sauge) Carreaux à mur - Aquarelle (Olive)
Jubilee in Green
Rainbow in Sage
 Aquarelle in Olive

Warm tones

In 2024, warm tones are in the spotlight, opt for tones of beige, greige and terracotta. If you choose these colors, add a touch of imperfection to your tiles! Don’t be afraid to opt for tiles with a slight color variation, with a subtle pattern, slight veining, or a singular shape to energize to final look. At Flordeco, we have several wall tiles offered in the shades mentioned above, try the Basato, Gleeze, and Slim series!

Carreaux à mur - Basato (Beige) Carreaux à mur - Gleeze (Beige) Carreaux à mur - Slim (Newport Brouillard)
Basato in Beige
Gleeze in Beige
Slim in Newport Fog

What formats and shapes to choose?

Reflecting the burst of creativity in 2024 trends, unique format tiles are in the spotlight.  Have fun with hexagonal, oval or picket shaped tiles. The different formats will create and original universe and offer a completely different visual experience. Try to use tiles in an atypical format to highlight specific areas of your home. To do this, use our Kane, Aquarelle Oval or Teramoda wall tiles!

Carreaux à mur - Kane (Sage Picket) Carreaux à mur - Aquarelle (Vapeur) Carreaux à mur - Terramoda (Charbon)
Kane in Sage Picket
Aquarelle Oval in Vapor
Teramoda in Charcoal 

A trend that we have seen growing for several years now…XXL tiles. They visually enlarge the space and are synonymous with modernity and originality. You can install them on floors, but the XXL format tiles can also be placed on walls! They offer a texture to it while giving the wall a homogeneous appearance. Unlike a regular backsplash, fewer seams will be visible with large tiles, and this will make the surface much easier to clean. The 24” x 24” tiles from our Epoque 21, Anima, and Alloy series are verry good choices for covering your walls.

Tuiles de grand format - Epoque 21 (Lilac White) Tuiles de grand format - Anima (Grigio) Tuiles de grand format - Allow (Azur)
Epoque 21 in Lilac White Anima in Grigio
Alloy in Azur

What patterns and textures to choose?

This year we have a multitude of patterns and textures available. Geometric patterns are highlighted, the same goes for the wallpaper effect as well as floral patterns. It’s also the big return of retro with black and white patterns as well as patchwork! Let your imagination run wild with out Devotion, New Vintage and Unicom Reverie ceramics.

Céramique - Devotion (Camelie Décor) Céramique - New Vintage Céramique - Unicom Reverie (Décor 2)
Devotion in Camelie Decor New Vintage Series  Unicom Reverie in Decor 2

When it comes to textures, this year let loose! Use originality and make your living space visually appealing. Choose wall tiles with 3D finishes, lines, waves, textured patterns and when the ceramic series allow it, mix and match with simpler tiles to balance the look. The Vibe, Mat & More and Costa Nova wall tiles are unique and sure to beautify your space.

Carreaux à mur - Vibe (Naval) Céramique - Mat & More (Taupe Décor Domino) Carreaux à mur - Costa Nova (Vert Tanaisie)
Vibe in Naval Mat & More in Taupe Decor Domino Costa Nova Tansy Green 

Do you know Zellidge?

Very popular this year, Zellidge type tiles deserve to be known. Originally, these are handcrafted Moroccan wall tiles mainly used as wall coverings in kitchens and bathrooms. Today, several ceramic series are inspired by this look because it offers charm and authenticity to the spaces where these tiles are installed. Available in several colors, these ceramic tiles give a little imperfect side that will last over time. In addition, as they have a glossy finish, they will play with the light and give different looks depending on the brightness of your rooms. For their installation, you have the possibility to install them in different ways to obtain the decorative effect you are looking for! The Artisan, Tennesse, and La Riviera series are inspired by this type of tiles.

Carreaux à mur - Artisan (Aqua) Carreaux à mur - Tennesse (Vert) Carreaux à mur - La Riviera (Vert)
Artisan in Aqua Tennesse in Green La Riviera en in Green

This year, the motto is have fun by mixing shapes and patterns, colors, and formats! Don’t be afraid to be bold and creative. Stop by one of our 37 stores and speak with our experts for your next renovation project, they are there to advise you!

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