Kiesel servoflex 5 cement - 30lbs

Kiesel servoflex 5 cement - 30lbs

Servoflex Collection


  Thin and medium layer leveling/repair adhesive mortar with rapid setting


  • Applicable in thin and medium layers, up to 3/4 in (20 mm) thick
  • Installation on walls or floors
  • Low dust emission, light gray color
  • Interior, exterior and submersible applications, excellent for uncoupling membranes
  • Efflorescence-free, based on aluminate cement with acrylic polymers
  • S1: Normal — Shapable ≥ 0.1 in. (≥ 2.5 mm) and < 0.2 in. (< 5 mm)
  • Complete cure after 12 hours for commercial traffic*
  • Ready for circulation and grouting after 4 hours on absorbent substrates and after 6 hours under and over uncoupling membranes*
  • Extended working time. Mixture life in bucket up to 2.5 hours and 20-30 minutes open*
  • Exposure to rain possible after 4 to 6 hours*
  • Post-consumer recycled content: 25%
  • Extended coverage of approximately 30%
  • Adjustable water ratio according to the desired consistency Continued Mortar Consistency Technology
  • Easy attachment system (clips) with a water ratio of approximately 5.9 liters per 12.5 kg/1.55 ​​US gallons per 27.5 lbs.
  • Anti-sagging exceeding industry requirements
  • Excellent adhesion and accelerated drying and curing times on and under uncoupling membranes


Total: 46.99$




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