4 trucs pour réduire son empreinte écologique par le bon choix de matériaux

4 tips to reduce your ecological footprint with the right choice of materials

Everyone agrees that sustainable development, eco-responsibility and the reduction of the environmental footprint are among the current concerns in all spheres of our lives. But perhaps you did not know that much of our environmental footprint can be reduced by the choice of materials used in our home, without compromising our decorating preferences? Here are 4 energy-saving trends by Flordeco's specialists, for a techno, comfortable and green house!


1. Cork: a highly renewable resource

Cork is an excellent choice of flooring when it comes to reducing its environmental impact. Indeed, the bark harvested every nine years on the cork oak, which lives on average more than two centuries, does not require in any way to cut the tree.

Also, its positive aspects related to the environment, cork offers more comfort for the feet, by its soft and supple texture that absorbes noise and impacts. The thermal properties of natural cork contribute to give the floor a year-round pleasant temperature, even barefoot! To find out more about cork, take a look to our Tiempo collection.


2. Pre-oiled wood: made with 100% natural oils

If cork floors don’t suit you, the Flordeco experts recommend the use of pre-oiled wood, an equally ecological alternative by the use of 100% natural oils. Made in Quebec, our Sources and Origines collections are very popular because of their ability to withstand temperature variations and the fact that scratches are almost invisible!


3. Smart blinds: saving on heating costs

At Flordeco, we propose to discover or rediscover home automation with the addition of smart blinds to your decor. These allow a good management of the ambient temperature and the lighting of your house during your absence. In addition to save on the heating or the air conditioning, thanks to the blinds which adapt continuously to the luminosity entering the room. Ask Flordeco merchants to learn how to become masters of your home!


4. The heated floors: save energy and keep your feet warm

Are you tired of having to walk on cold floors during the long winter months? Do not wait any longer! In fact, the heated floors not only add an unparalleled level of comfort, but they also prove to be energy efficient!

In fact, heated floors, often associated with luxury, do not emit electromagnetic fields and instead allow considerable energy savings. This type of system is suitable for all rooms, from small to large, for a more efficient and above all, cozy. Note: Just cover 60% of the floor area of a room reduce the bill by 40%!

Formed directly by the leader in FLEXTHERM floor heating systems and classified as Flexboutik, Flordeco’s experts are authorized to offer an exclusive lifetime warranty on the FLEXTHERM heated floor systems they install. Exit the slippers!

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